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Unread 02-24-2020, 08:01 PM
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Default [Live] Update Notes: Tuesday February 25, 2020

  • Corrected an issue with Bolster that allowed it to stack multiple times.
  • Corrected the critbonus values granted by Raxxyl's Rousing Tune XI.
  • Raid zones have been separated into normal mode and challenge mode zones with their own respective lockout. Due to this, players will only be given one choice when they enter the zone as far as setting difficulty. How the zones are accessed has not changed nor has entrance requirements.
  • Many raid encounters have been rebalanced using a much more reliable stat package.
  • Sanctus Seru: The Fading Arches [Raid]
    • Each time Lord Triskian Seru is defeated he will now drop 3 of his swords needed for the quest "Ley of the Land: The Nature of Shadows"
    • The zone should no longer spawn as actors first when you enter the zone. However, some bosses may still need to be interacted with to trigger them.
    • Corrected an issue that would occasionally cause Lord Triskian Seru to break encounter when he is walking around.
    • Corrected an issue that would occasionally cause Lord Triskian Seru to not relinquish the right to use his sword beyond the first time.
  • Fordel Midst: Rememberance [Raid]
    • Corrected an issue causing the Vestigial Broker to not use his "Cart" mechanic in Normal Mode.
    • Decreased the assist range of all phasing spectral apparitions within the zone.
  • Reishi Flesh Collar - Name is now spelled correctly.
  • Massive's Bodyguard - Name is now spelled correctly.
  • Blessed Scroll of Light - Description typo corrected.
  • Decorative Red and White Candycane - Item has been renamed "Decorative Red and Pink Candycane" to be more accurate, and cause less confusion with the "Decorative Red and White Striped Cane"
  • Carbonite Clockwork Drape - Has had its proper Tinkering stat returned.
  • Powered Carbonite Cloak - Has had its proper Tinkering stat returned.
  • Powered Ruthenium Cloak - Has had its proper Tinkering stat returned.
  • Blood of Luclin building block house items have had their maximum size increased.
  • Tier 3 raid armor patterns may now be purchased once the account has purchased either tier 1 or tier 2 raid armor of the same slot.
  • Corrected the spelling of Chestguard on Overseer's Ebon Chain Chestguard, Overseer's Polished Ebon Chestguard, Overseer's Steel Studded Chestguard, Overseer's Vanadium Melee Chestguard, Shadowed Oasis Chestguard, and Shadowed Steeled Chestguard of the Vindicae.
  • Sanctus Seru Promenade Furniture house items have had their maximum size increased.
  • Epic 2.0 apprentice spells are now available from Maesy Colmiter for characters adventure level 120 and above.
  • *Echoes of Faydwer expansion is now available.
  • Adventures can now be filtered by "Completed".
  • A new filter has been added to display adventures by tier.
  • All adventures an account has acquired will be now be available each day.
  • Adventures are now color coded based on their tier.
  • Overseer Quest items will now auto-scribe into your overseer quest inventory. Once your account has unlocked an overseer quest you will no longer be able to receive a duplicate of that quest.
  • Fixed several issues where database saves were being called too frequently.
  • Akheva Lore and Legend items can now be looted from Akheva in Blood of Luclin dungeons, as well as those found on Norrath.
  • Piercing the Darkness: The Sad Tale of Benosch Ironsprocket Part III should now provide the "Insectoid Communication Jammer" recipe in case you leave the hive and attempt to come back and resume the search for poor little Benosch.
  • To Speak as a Dragon - Players level 111+ can now use The Gong of Ro in Solusek's Eye to enter Nagafen's Lair.
  • Raid missions will no longer downgrade the recorded bonus reward if you defeat a lower tier encounter after defeating a higher tier earlier in the mission.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented Blood of Luclin refined resources from increasing the stats of the finished equipment.
  • Tradeskillers who have completed the quest "Piercing the Darkness: Gifts from the Great Beyond Part III" and did not receive the "Shadow Prospecting" skill can now visit the Sanctus Seru Fabrication Merchant for another copy of the spell scroll.
  • Researchable Artifacts are now heirloom. This does not apply to researchable artifacts that are given as a reward for a quest completion.
  • Corrected the primary component required for the recipes Chaos X (Ancient), Double Blast IX (Ancient), Immobilizing Lunge X (Ancient), and Immobilizing Lunge X (Grandmaster).
  • The Will of the Coast, Will of The Blinding, Will of the Wracklands, and Will of Seru teleport potions have been opened up to any players who have completed a certain amount of progress in either the "Shattered Dawn" quest line or the "Piercing the Darkness" quest lines.
  • Festra Shallowfoot has set up shop in Sanctus Seru and will exchange Shadowmarks for expendables, some new adornments, and some armor pieces depending on the progression of the Ley of the Land raid questline.

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