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Unread 06-11-2018, 07:20 PM
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Default [Live] Update Notes: Tuesday June 12, 2018

  • Fixed an issue where reforging could appear to remove overcap stats from an item.

Shard of Hate: Utter Contempt [Heroic]
  • Ulvaug the Bloodfang can now be killed.
  • The Organ Donor's stacking damage buff, "Encore of Death," will no longer save its increments from a previous cast.
Shard of Hate: Reignited Hatred [Raid]
  • Kpul D'Vngur's curses should no longer be placed on players who already have one of the three curses placed on them
Plane of Innovation: The Wasteyards [Raid]
  • Damage from Surge: Arcing Sparks has been lowered
  • Levers in the Manaetic Behemoth's surrounding rooms will now reset properly when the encounter resets
  • Added damage from Overcharged Pulse hitting an ally in the Karnah of the Source encounter has been lowered to where the amount of the increase is lower.
Plane of Disease: Virulent Insurrection [Raid]
  • Corrected an issue that would cause the Amalgamation of Decay and Pestilence to not properly update their location in relation to their allowable area.
The Shimmering Citadel
  • The Shimmering Mirror within The Shimmering Citadel no longer displays versions of The Poets Palace that do not actually exist.
  • Updated Veeshan's Peak doors to track unlocking as persistent zone.
  • For mercenaries that can use appearance slots, clicking on an appearance slot will now access the character's Wardrobe items.
  • Updated Rise of Kunark set armor.
  • Impetuous Strikes armor has been returned to scout only.
  • Sepulchral Judgment armor has been returned to warlock only.
  • "a shiny djinn lamp", "a sand blasted djinn lamp", "a tarnished djinn lamp", and "an ornate vase" can now be purchased off of Lumia in Maj'Dul for those that have completed the collections "Shiny Lamp", "Sand Blasted Lamp", "Tarnished Lamp", and "Desert Sand Collection".
  • Aim is now part of the Offensive Skills group
  • Earring of the Solstice has now been itemized as a Signature/Epic item
  • Several red collections that were not viewable on Timelocked until the Veksar era release have been updated to be viewable at Rise of Kunark era.

Planes of Prophecy
  • The Doctor's Orders quest should now be granted to you within your current PQ zone if it has been more than 2 hours since you completed a previous Doctor's Orders quest from a different PQ.

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