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Unread 11-28-2017, 11:40 AM
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Default [Live] Update Notes: Tuesday November 28, 2017 "Planes of Prophecy"


There is no place as powerful or influential as the celestial realms, the very planes of the gods! It is here fates are decided, prophecies are fulfilled, and realities are remade. Venture deep into these ephemeral lands, forge deific alliances, and harness primal powers as you battle against Lanys T'Vyl and her Tenets of Hate, and thwart their attempt to deliver destruction upon Norrath and the pantheon, alike.

Master your destiny in the Planes of Prophecy, EverQuest II's 14th expansion! Experience the wonders of the Plane of Magic. Survive the Plane of Innovation's mechanical dangers and the festering denizens of the Plane of Disease. Master the raging storms within the Bastion of Thunder and the abyssal ebbs in the Brackish Vaults. Repel the searing flames of Solusek Ro's Tower and the Molten Throne!
  • All new dungeons for Solo, Heroic, and Raid players.
  • Soulbound Weapons – A new weapon type that gains experience and levels up, increasing in power.
  • Increased Level Cap – Adventure up to 110!
  • Ascension Levels – Ascend to level 15.
  • Mercenary Levels – Your mercenaries can level up to 10.
  • Tradeskill Levels – Craft up to 110.
  • Guild Levels – Increased to 250!
  • Channeler UI: You can now right-click “Toggle Dragable” on the Channeler hotbar to allow / prevent icons from being dragable.
  • The level curve for post 100 has been drastically increased for both adventuring and tradeskilling, and the largest portion of experience should come from quests and completed dungeons. To further that end, experience multipliers will also now modify quest experience. For example your vitality will now increase the amount of experience from all sources.
  • Tithe points may now only be used to purchase consumable deity abilities, and can no longer be used to increase Divine Potency, Divine Stamina, or Divine Critbonus.
  • Divine attributes are now obtained via expendables that directly increase either Divine Potency, Divine Stamina, or Divine Critbonus.
  • The required XP to gain a tithe point is now 5 percent of the total XP required for the character's current level.
  • To decrease the erratic spike damage we have increased the chance of obtaining a higher critical type, but decreased the higher critical bonus multiplier. The new multipliers are Legendary: 1.25 (unchanged), Fabled: 1.65 (down from 2), Mythical: 2 (down from 3).
  • The experience point requirements for level 200 guilds have been reduced.
  • Many Planes of Prophecy instance zones require keys to access. Once a character has unlocked a personal or account wide key through quest or adventure content they will have access to these zones. You can see what keys your character possesses with the /keys command in game.
Pillars of Flame
  • The following exploration regions are now easier to trigger while on a mount: The Needle, The Sun Spires, The Long and Dusty Road, The Master's Plateau, Kyrnok, The Isle of the Nagga, Camp Char'Gin.
  • Removed dual conversion penalties from taking both prestige conversion abilities.
  • Standardized the prestige conversion crit bonus from potency to a ratio of 20 potency grants 1 crit bonus.
  • Added the crit bonus to max health component to all fighter crit bonus prestige conversion abilities.
  • Replaced the Guided Ascension experience bonus on the Guild Buff for level 200 guilds with a 0.5 Fervor increase.
  • Most dependencies or prerequisites for Alternate Advancement and Prestige abilities have been removed or reduced. Current AA layouts may have to be re-committed.
  • Divine Crit Bonus will increase crit bonus overcap by .5 per level.
  • Corrected a bug that prevented potency over 10,000 from applying to taunts.
  • Class resolve buffs have been removed and all encounter resolve levels have been adjusted accordingly.
  • Judication now increases Fervor and Fervor overcap instead of potency and is no longer based off of the group’s potency.
  • Most damage reflection abilities have been replaced with damage shield abilities.
  • Increased the primary attribute increasing buffs for most spells cast over level 100.
  • All Max Health debuffs have been replaced with debuffs that increase damage applied to the target.
  • All damage spells over level 100 have been increased. Specific abilities have been increased further, called out below.

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