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Unread 12-21-2019, 12:04 PM
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Default Blood of Luclin zones

Storing images of zones that have no map/mapstyle.

"Sanctus Seru: Fabrication Hall" (exp16_dun_sanctus_seru_ts_sigline_x6):
<ImageStyle Name="exp16_dun_sanctus_seru_ts_sigline_x6" displayname="Sanctus Seru: Fabrication Hall" zonerect="-602, -455, 622, 449">
<ImageFrame Source="images/maps/map_exp16_dun_sanctus_seru_ts_sigline_x6.dds" SourceRect="0,0,800,600" />

"Shik'Nar Hive: The Sad Tale of Benosch Ironsprocket" (exp16_dun_blinding_tssig_hive):
<ImageStyle Name="exp16_dun_blinding_tssig_hive" displayname="Shik'Nar Hive: The Sad Tale of Benosch Ironsprocket" zonerect="-1543, -1060, 1476, 1208">
<ImageFrame Source="images/maps/map_exp16_dun_blinding_tssig_hive.dds" SourceRect="0,0,800,600" />
Attached Files
File Type: dds map_exp16_dun_sanctus_seru_ts_sigline_x6.dds (937.6 KB, 69 views)
File Type: dds map_exp16_dun_blinding_tssig_hive.dds (937.6 KB, 73 views)
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Unread 03-02-2020, 01:19 AM
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Its time to start adding the dungeon zones, we start with the single ones.

If you have the zone in name for any of the following zones, let me know.

<ImageStyle displayname="Bizarre Bazaar" Name="exp16_dun_fordel_midst_01" />
<ImageStyle displayname="Bizarre Bazaar" Name="exp16_dun_fordel_midst_01_solo" />

<ImageStyle displayname="Wayward Manor" Name="exp16_dun_fordel_midst_02" />
<ImageStyle displayname="Wayward Manor" Name="exp16_dun_fordel_midst_02_solo" />

<ImageStyle displayname="The Listless Spires" Name="exp16_dun_fordel_midst_03" />
<ImageStyle displayname="The Listless Spires" Name="exp16_dun_fordel_midst_03_solo" />

<ImageStyle displayname="Echelon of Order" Name="exp16_dun_sanctus_seru_01" />
<ImageStyle displayname="Echelon of Order" Name="exp16_dun_sanctus_seru_01_solo" />

<ImageStyle displayname="Echelon of Divinity" Name="exp16_dun_sanctus_seru_02" />
<ImageStyle displayname="Echelon of Divinity" Name="exp16_dun_sanctus_seru_02_solo" />

<ImageStyle displayname="Arx Aeturnus" Name="exp16_dun_sanctus_seru_03" />
<ImageStyle displayname="Arx Aeturnus" Name="exp16_dun_sanctus_seru_03_solo" />
<ImageStyle displayname="Arx Aeturnus" Name="exp16_dun_sanctus_seru_raid_01" />
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