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Unread 02-21-2022, 05:01 PM
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Default [Live] Update Notes - February 22, 2022

Kael Drakkel, the new member-only Lore & Legend server is going live!

Come and experience the lore and legends of EverQuest II at your own desired pace, unrestricted by level! Play with your friends and make new ones as you explore Norrath, from the Shattered Lands all the way to the snow-capped peaks of Velious. Come get your achievements! Not only can you flaunt your point total with the new achievement leaderboards, but you can also earn new currency to spend on loads of rewards, such as new appearances gear, furniture and decorations!

  • Warrior
    • The crit chance granted by Executioner's Wrath on Time-Locked servers will now scale by level.
  • Renfry's Basement now has ambient sounds to accompany the snarls of Ziggy.
  • Footsteps no longer play when the Glade Strider is flying.
  • The Mossclopper is no longer a silent pest and can be heard chittering about.
  • The Bog Wraith now have sounds after years of being imbued in silence.
  • Trophy: D'Vorlian's Cudgel is now properly spelled for better cudgeling power.
  • Trophy: Guabancek Now has accurate sign text.
  • Seeds of Vengeance paintings now stack and should fit in the house item depot.
  • All versions of the fighter ability Bulwark of Order II and all recipes for making them are now properly punctuated.
  • Several Visions of Vetrovia cloaks have been changed from the hottest of pinks, to a less eye watering color tint.
  • Corpse loot "Crescent Moon Medallion" is no longer "Mad" at the world.
  • A number of items have been renamed to resolve duplicate name conflicts.
  • Items including Signature Quest rewards and collection rewards from the Age of Discovery expansion have been adjusted.
  • Lore and Legend Server Achievements
    • Want to know how you stack up against your fellows on the Lore and Legend server? View the achievement leaderboard! The Lore and Legend server leaderboard can be accessed via a button on the achievements window.
    • The Lore and Legend server has had an extensive re-work of the achievement system and individual achievements. Achievements for specific server types will now only load on that server, and will not be displayed on other server types. For example, PvP achievements will now only be loaded and displayed on the PvP servers.
    • Besides having quite a few new achievements, the Lore and Legend server has it's own versions of most live server or Time-Locked achievements, with the exception of achievements for account wide items such as Overseer. These Lore and Legend server achievements have had a full achievement point revamp, and will grant a currency amount equal to that achievement point value that can be used to purchase items from the Lore Token Merchant in Great Divide.
    • Many of the achievements on the Lore and Legends server have been re-catagorized to make more sense. For example, the Linguist: Learn 10 Languages achievement is now located in the Language category.
  • Lore and Legend Server, Gear.
    • The Lore and Legend Server has a unique gear progression system designed to allow you to progress no matter what type of content you prefer engaging in. When you obtain a piece of equipment that is at the at the treasured or above, you will also receive a piece of lore and legend gear. This lore and legend gear allows you to continue your progression despite the type of content that you choose to engage in. When you obtain a Lore and Legend gear crate, it will reward you with a piece of gear that matches or exceeds your current tier of that particular slot of gear. For example, if you currently have a tier five lore and legend waist item, you will receive at least a tier five waist from every chest, with a chance of receiving a tier six. Once you have that tier six, you will never receive below a tier six, and will have a chance of obtaining a tier seven. Higher tiers of content, such as a heroic or raid encounter, will give you a higher chance of obtaining an upgrade, but all Lore and Legend gear tiers may be obtained from any tier of content.
    • When you initially create a character on a Lore and Legend server, you will have tier 1 equipment. Dropped tiers are even tiers only, starting at tier 2, then tier 4, etc. Every dropped item may be upgraded via crafting to enhance the piece by a single tier. For example, tier 2 dropped piece can be enhanced to a tier 3 dropped piece. To upgrade a piece of gear, simple right click on it to obtain the crafting book that contains the receive for that item upgrade.
  • Lore and Legend server, Stat Scaling.
    • Every server on a Lore and Legend server has a set stat scaling level, that caps the stats you can obtain from gear, and a separate cap that you can obtain from spell effects. For example in Temple of Rallos Zek: Foundations of Stone [Challenge], your maximum potency from gear is 189, and your maximum potency from spell effects is 56.7. While in that zone you will only be able to obtain 189 potency from gear, and an additional 56.7 from spell effects. Any amounts above those values will be ignored.
  • Lore and Legend server, Gear Scaling
    • On a Lore and Legend server, gear does not scale from mentoring. You receive the maximum amount of the stat granted by the gear, regardless of mentoring level. Your character stats are capped as described in the Stat Scaling note above.
  • The Overseer Adventure Visions of Vetrovia - Forlorn Gist is now a 1 week duration.
  • Echoes of the Ring War and The Battle of Storm Gorge have been updated to the new Public Quest system.
  • The Keep of the Ardent Needle - Visiting the keep is now easier to be properly updated, even if you are on a flying mount.
  • The Path to Understanding... - Entering A Dark Cave now requires activation of Age of Discovery content on the server.
  • Means and Ends - Entering Ryizz'Eianshieoll's Sanctum now requires activation of Tears of Veeshan content on the server.
  • Catalog quests that are obtained from books will now be counted as Tome quests for the Bookworm achievement.
  • Hunter Scartyr has upgraded his wares, but will require Skyshrine specific Hunter's Coins to purchase them, which are now rewarded from his missions in place of the Hunters Coin: Destiny of Velious.
  • The granite and sandstone block sets from the two Building on Sundered Ground recipe books can now be crafted using the blueprint feature.
  • Mikk Eishammer's quest "Anti-Rime Ammunition" now properly asks for lightweight gnomish cannons instead of lightweight portable cannons. Gnomes across Norrath should no longer be upset at the accidental omission of mention of their mighty race.
  • Grandmaster recipes for level 111 through 125 should now use the tradeskill equipment appropriate to their class.
  • Crossbow bolt recipes have been created for the following recipe books:
    • Artisan Essentials Volume 4
    • Craftsman Essentials Volume 14
    • Woodworker Essentials Volume 23
    • Woodworker Essentials Volume 33
    • Woodworker Essentials Volume 43
    • Woodworker Essentials Volume 53
    • Woodworker Essentials Volume 63
    • Woodworker Essentials Volume 73
    • Woodworker Essentials Volume 83
    • Advanced Woodworker Volume 90
  • Predicates for adornments will now be shown on their examine and tooltip windows.
  • Castle Vacrul: Thirst for Power [Raid]
    • Lady of the Lute should now remove her "Lovely Lady's Lute" protection spell properly once the spell has run it's duration. Updated the description of the effect to more match what the effect does.
    • The Lady of the Lute's vengeful bard should now properly come to her assistance when called.
    • Updated the description and in-combat messaging for "Curse of Thirst" in the Captain Bloodrite encounter to more match what the effect does.
    • Legion's Backlash should now properly do a percentage of damage back to the attacker instead of a very small flat amount.
    • Gidget will now get angry at the loss of her minion should they be needed and are not nearby.
  • Karuupa Jungle: Dedraka's Descent [Heroic II]
    • Zaag the Unburied no longer casts Barrage, casts "Not Too Close, Not Too Far" less often, and his "Stay Away!" proc inflicts less damage over time.
  • Forlorn Gist: Emerging Deceit [Raid]
    • The well in the G'Dalt Spirit-stitcher encounter should no longer become unusable after 20min into the encounter.
  • Skyshrine: The Underdepths
    • Dozekar the Cursed
      • The spell Spear of Fate has had its damage lowered significantly.
      • The spell Dozekar's Wrath has had its damage lowered.
  • Skyshrine: Betrayal in the Underdepths
    • Dozekar the Cursed
      • The time to kill a magmatic elemental and avoid the failure mechanic has been increased from 24 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • Dracur Prime: Sevalak Awakened
    • A static elemental has had its HP lowered.
  • Plane of War [Raid]
    • Berik Bloodfist
      • A fallen warrior has had its HP reduced.

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