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Unread 09-21-2020, 03:20 PM
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Default [Live] Update Notes: Tuesday September 22, 2020

  • Fixed an issue in raid zones where killing a boss could cause a response delay due to quest updates.
  • This feature is now free to everyone!

The Blinding
  • Clobberock in The Blinding and Stonehand in Wracklands are now independent of one another, allowing players who have defeated one to still be able to see the other.
Solusek's Eye: The Calling [Raid & Heroic]
  • The beams that appear during the encounter against Ayquini and Scorion are now white.
  • Scald's Icons of Flame now burn blue.
Va Dyn Kar
  • Typos in the Shadowed Stonegrabber's fight chat have been corrected.

  • Elemental Destruction - Ascension ability name typo fixed.
  • Renamed the Prismatic Chaos effect cast by Doppleganger V from Sympathetic Link to Sympathetic Link: Prismatic Chaos and the triggered damage event to Sympathetic Link: Prismatic Shock.

  • Corrected an issue that caused the Flawless Guild Raid: The Vengeful Matriarch to not show in guild achievement window.
  • Corrected a bug that prevented the achievement Perfect Raid: The Fabled Flames of War from being obtained.

  • The Fire Within: Winding Descent - Quest name has been corrected.

  • Reduced the Firebrand Pearl cost for Reignite the Flames celestial's sold by Maesy Colmiter to compensate for General Teku being unreasonably stingy with his stash of Pearls.
  • Added the Stratigos Longbow to Maesy Colmiter as a Firebrand Pearl purchase option.
  • Corrected a bug that caused Rune: Reignited Insight to apply the Ragebourn Insight effect instead of the Reignited Insight effect.
  • Moved the crafting and harvesting skill bonuses from the Earring of the Solstice off of the item and added to the triggered spell effect.
Updated the following items to be in progression:
  • Amulet of Agony
  • Band of Runed Flesh
  • Circle of Necrosis
  • Ill Will
  • Melodic Stone
  • Mortal Coil
  • Symphonic Manacle
  • Mark of Scaled Destruction
  • Mark of Scaled Devotion
  • Mark of Scaled Rage
  • Large Brick of Unrefined Ore
  • Diamond Rod
  • Death Chimes
  • Hand of Death
  • Shard of Hate

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