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Unread 09-30-2007, 03:03 AM
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Default [Live] Game Update #36, June 28th, 2007(2)

  • The final chapters of the Swords of Destiny quest line have been released. See Sir Trodonis in Butcherblock for further information.
  • Not happy with your tradeskill profession? Consult a tradeskill career counselor in Neriak, Kelethin, Qeynos Ironforge Exchange, Freeport Coalition of Tradesfolke or Haven about the possibility of starting over!
  • Coin is now weightless and automatically changes up to the best denominations. No more destroying copper!
  • Ctrl-click an item link or icon to preview equipment, mounts, furniture, and more in the Dressing Room!
  • Spells or items with 100% proc rates will no longer trigger on both attacks when using double attack.
  • City merchants have noticed the lack of customer demand for "worked" and "shaped" quality in-home crafting stations, and will no longer be keeping these in stock.
  • Characters should no longer get stuck if root or stun wears off while they are charmed or feared.
  • Resisted procs and damage shields will no longer play the resist sound.
  • Dispelling a maintained spell will no longer remove it from everyone in your group.
  • The color tints for the Al'Kabor, Najena, and Wu legendary armor helms were adjusted to match the rest of the set.
  • The Resplendant Robe of Battle, Battlerager Hat, Tranquil Stone of Power, Fragment of the Chime, and Thorn Wrapped Bindings should no longer prevent each other from proccing.
  • Power heal-over-time effects on items should no longer prevent instant power heal effects from functioning.
  • The snare effect from the Star Darkened Longbow has been replaced with something a bit more appropriate for raiders.
  • Vine-Wrapped Boots now proc correctly off of hostile spell casts.
  • Redemption of Failure will now resurrect a single group. The description on the effect has been updated to reflect the change.
  • There are now alternate ways to obtain Heartwood Spikes and Tunarian Wolfsbane! Be sure to keep an eye out for them.
  • Guilds members level 30 and above can now purchase housing in Neriak and Kelethin for a reduced coin cost using status.
  • Primary player pets should now stay in the pet window when you have a controllable charmed pet.
  • Spell macros that specify a target will now correctly cast on that target if the spell is queued.
  • Antonica
    • Citizens of Neriak and Freeport will now evac close to the Thundering Steppes on PvE servers
  • Commonlands
    • Commonlands should be more playable to people poking their heads out of Freeport and Darklight.
  • Darklight Woods
    • The Sablevein stonewalkers in Darklight Wood should no longer become stuck in walls.
  • Greater Faydark
    • A rare "?" collectable in Greater Faydark that was previously incorrectly reporting that characters were out of range can now be harvested.
  • Kelethin
    • Queen Amree was shocked to find that some less than honorable Norrathians have been performing tasks for Kelethin. She has since decreed that the House of Falling Stars, the Order of Arcane, the Protectors of Growth, and Sylvan Hunters will no longer seek assistance from those of an evil alignment.
  • Neriak
    • The Teir'Dal customers in Neriak Down Under are now much, much, less vocal!
  • Nektulos
    • Characters should be less likely to accidentally zone when running along the ledge above the Darklight Wood zoneline in Nektulos.
  • Sinking Sands
    • Roots are now slightly more common than dens and shrubs in the Sinking Sands. There are also slightly more roots, shrubs, and dens to be found in some areas.
  • The Serpent's Lair
    • Creatures should now respawn correctly in "The Serpent's Lair" instance of the Freeport Sewers
  • Willowwood
    • Innkeeper Yeoni in Willowwood has stepped out from her desk to prevent trapping people leaving their inn rooms.
  • The quest 'A Necessary Step' now properly awards adventure experience instead of tradeskill experience.
  • The Malkonis head quest, Mayong amulet quest, and Wuoshi heart quests are now repeatable.
  • The Windrush Dagger quest from Wailing Caves can now be examined and completed in any zone.
  • The quest "Remembrances - Tel'riia'mil'an'ane'ie" in Obelisk of Lost Souls will now ask for any evil eye instead of "paroxysmal oberserver".
  • The quest "More Adventures of Jorbo and Mappy" in Rivervale will now ask for any corrupted halfling or shadowed halflings instead of specific halfllings.
  • The quest "Even More Adventures of Jorbo and Mappy" in Rivervale will now ask for any corrupted halfling instead of corrupted tailors. In addition any blight rat can now be killed for updates to the section that asked for blight rats.
  • Neriak writ givers are now more willing to offer work to citizens of Freeport.
  • Food and drink will now scale appropriately while mentoring.
  • An intrepid band of single-minded interior decorators has returned from an exploration of Stormhold and vicinity, bringing more furnishing ideas to the cities of Norrath.
  • The sage adornment Scintillating Balanced Fastening will no longer occasionally bring up tailoring events during the crafting process
  • Wholesalers have once again renewed their stock of cream cheese, sugar and cocoa, allowing provisioners to practice their baking and confectionary recipes.
  • Continued efforts by confectionary-savvy cooks, has led to the discovery that you can dip many fruits in chocolate! Not to be outdone, bakers have started to make a variety of flavored cheesecakes! You may find that your favorite fruit has been used to make one of these delightful treats.
  • The recipe scroll with the recipe that results in the Formed Wurmslayer no longer shares the same name as the recipe for the Re-bladed Wurmslayer
  • Tradeskillers rejoice! You should no longer get that evil "Would not take effect" message. Lower level reaction arts can now overwrite higher level ones!
  • You should no longer get a commission work error message while trying to buy from a vendor with a recipe selected.
  • It should now be easier to tell which carpenter-made lights actually give off light by examining the items.
  • Alchemists have learned to make level 62 Freedom of Action potions more effective. These will no longer snare the caster, and will now cure root and fear.
  • It should now be easier to visually identify harvested loam from different level ranges. The common and rare loam within a level range now share the same icon, but it is a different color from loam in all other ranges.
  • Imbued items that were just made will no longer display incorrect information when examined.
  • Doors will now open as you approach them in the Qeynos Tradeskill instances.
  • A program of extensive horticultural public education has ensured that extract of dark hatred can no longer be mistaken for tuber strands when crafting.
  • The effectiveness of various kinds of ammo, including crafted, loot, summoned, and store bought has been adjusted to better balance with respect to cost, difficulty to acquire, and damage effectiveness. Previously, very high Accuracy bonuses made it near impossible to miss with auto attacks when using these arrows. Most Handcrafted ammo types received additional bonuses.
  • Tenderwood Arrows bonus to Accuracy bonus reduced from 75% to 20%.
  • Ammo summoned from Fabled weapons Accuracy reduced from 25% to 15%.
  • Powerful arrows that were reduced
  • Tenderwood Arrows bonus to accuracy, damage, and range reduced.
Overall adjustments to Arrows
  • Summoned: Accuracy -5%, Range -5m, Damage Rank 5
  • Store bought: Accuracy +0%, Range -5m, Damage Rank 4
  • Round: Accuracy +30%, Range +5m, Damage Rank 3
  • Bodkin: Accuracy +10%, Range +0m, Damage Rank 2
  • Broad: Accuracy -10%, Range -5m, Damage Rank 1
  • Throwing Weapons now have differentiations to Accuracy, Range, and Damage
  • Stars: Accuracy +20%, Range +5m, Damage Rank 4
  • Dagger: Accuracy +10%, Range +0m, Damage Rank 3
  • Axe: Accuracy +0%, Range +0m, Damage Rank 2
  • Hammer: Accuracy -10%, Range -5m, Damage Rank 1

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