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Unread 09-30-2007, 03:03 AM
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Default [Live] Game Update #37, July 31st, 2007(2)

  • You can now sell items on the broker with more than one character.
  • Emerald Halls is now a persistent instance raid zone! See below for details.
  • You can now buy back items you most recently sold to NPC merchants!
  • Items that offer or are needed by quests will now display that information.
  • Achievement points spent are no longer locked to a single tree. When you respec, you will be able to spend them on either tree (up to 50 per tree).
  • Crafters now gain tradeskill experience from completing tradeskill writs.
  • Nektulos Forest content has been touched up to be more playable.
  • Harvesting and Adornment application will be immediately interrupted by taking any damage when in combat.
  • Content in Antonica has been touched up to be more playable.
  • Combat music should now terminate properly when fighting and zoning.
  • Tinkered pets should no longer be useable against players in PvP.
  • Brigand Thugs will now more consistently attack their target
  • You may only buy language books if you don?t already know the language.
  • Casting skill debuffs will have improved results against NPC targets.
  • Human males who visit their local barber will discover that hairstyles once reserved for alternate appearances are now available!
  • Rumors regarding a series of attacks on both ships belonging to the cities of Qeynos and Freeport have residents in Qeynos Harbor and East Freeport abuzz with excitement. Numerous sailors and other individuals have gathered around to exchange stories and speculations about these events.
  • The residents of the Scale Yard are all astir with the news of Iksar ships being sighted. Speak with the residents there to find out what they believe.
  • If someone finishes harvesting the same node before you do, you will stop harvesting immediately.
  • Shrub type harvest nodes can now yield a rare root! Other harvesting changes should result in pelts being a bit more plentiful than meats, and yield only one type of imbue harvest item per level range instead of four.
  • You can now sell items on the broker with more than one character!
    • All characters on an account can list items for sale at the same time.
    • Items remain listed as long as you log in with any of your characters at least once every 7 days.
    • Each character will need to maintain their own broker boxes.
  • The 7 piece Troubador?s Fascination set bonus will now add aggression.
  • The Staff of Light, Lucanic Staff and Soulfire Staff now have a one-handed appearance.
  • The Lucanic Longsword and Soulfire Longsword now have a two-handed appearance.
  • Djinn Bracelet of the Sky: Carpet of the Djinn Master will no longer deactivate once the ward has been depleted.
  • The effectiveness of Burning Deathfist Arrows has been reduced.
  • Stat/Resist bonuses from equipping an item will be removed when the item is in a disarmed state.
  • The bosses that drop Legendary and Fabled armor-set pieces in Echoes of Faydwer are now aware of which set pieces characters in the group/raid currently possess. These bosses will only drop an armor-set piece that someone attending needs. As long as you have the item either equipped, in inventory, or bank, you are counted as "possessing" the item.
  • Griffon travel services are now being offered in the Butcherblock Mountains. Mount stations can be found near the docks, Greater Faydark and Lesser Faydark.
  • Horse rentals are now available in the Greater Faydark to reduce your travel time. Hitching posts can be found near the Old Kelethin Acorn lift, Crushbone Keep and the Butcherblock Mountains.
  • Citizens of Neriak may now use the power of the Sea Gate to travel to the Nektulos Forest and Thundering Steppes docks. Check it out at the Neriak docks.
Emerald Halls
  • Your raid force can now clear part of The Emerald Halls, leave, and then come back later to pick up where you left off.
  • There is no longer a ?failure? timer. You will be locked to an instance for 5 days once you kill any mob. You can reset your timer after 5 days and enter a different instance, or you can choose to continue in the same instance for up to 9 days total.
  • The ?Zone Reuse Window? now has two tabs:
    • ?Lockout? for zones with traditional lockout timers.
    • ?Persistent? for persistent zones like The Emerald Halls.
Thundering Steppes
  • The industrious Gigglegibber Gamblin' Game vendors have taken up real estate closer to the end of the docks in the Thundering Steppes for your convenience.
Darklight Wood
  • The Gigglegibbers have finally made it into Darklight Wood. They have set up shop in the Wanderlust Fair.
  • Questline, "Stones of our Fathers", has been added to Darklight Wood for players of level 18 and above. Talk to Thadus Flintwrit at the Wanderlust Faire.
  • The old Bear Caves respawn point has been moved to the entrance to Darklight Woods.
West Freeport
  • Broker Mallium in West Freeport now fences items from Neriak.
  • Explorers in the Feerrott have found some dark and fearful creatures, and are looking for your help.
  • Alchemist Janicia in the Fools Gold in Rivervale is in need of assistance from a very high level alchemist ...
  • More quests in Antonica, Nektulos, and The Bloodline Chronicles now grant Achievement Experience.
  • The Stormhammer epic quest has been modified in places that were adding frustration more than challenge.
  • Items now show in their tooltip and examine windows if they offer or update a quest
  • Items that offer a quest are implicitly LORE, NO-TRADE, NO-VALUE, NO-SACRIFICE and NO-TRANSMUTE
  • The first time you complete a repeatable quest it will now grant achievement experience.
  • Quests that come from an item will be removed if that item is destroyed (with confirmation).
  • Quest Rewards that have not yet been accepted (and have no item selection to choose) and have been available for more than 5 minutes will be automatically accepted upon zoning or logging in.
  • Language quests are slightly different to help clean up unwanted ?garbage? loot and excess inventory litter.
    • The items that start language quests will only drop as loot if you?re not already on the quest.
    • The items that update language quests will only drop as loot if you need them for the language quest.
    • You no longer need to examine the dropped items to get the updates for the quest. It happens automatically when you loot the item.
    • ?Studied? versions of the language objects will no longer appear in game. If you have any you may sell them to NPC vendors.
    • Language quests started from NPC item drops will now scale to your level.
    The behavior of Fix The Broken Item quests have improved in usability:
    • Broken Items will no longer drop from NPCs if you already have the item or are already on the quest.
    • The popup tooltip on the quest starter now shows that the item gives a quest.
    • You no longer have to examine the item after each step.
    • Due to the changes, if you were already on one of these quests, the quest will reset to the beginning.
  • History of the Runnyeye Goblins, Vol. I: This quest no longer requires brewers, lackeys, and servants, and now instead requires: any runnyeye goblin, Gorehorn pitmasters, and clay remnants.
  • History of the Runnyeye Goblins, Vol. II: The portion of this quest that used to require "a Runnyeye apprentice" now requires any Runnyeye goblin.
  • Quests in the Claymore and Infiltrating lines in the Sanctum of the Scaleborn as well as Barren Skies and Palace of the Awakened that targeted rare named mobs have been modified to also update on their place holders. A couple quests have been modified to target new mobs in the same rooms to accommodate these changes.
  • The Bowels of the Bonemire quest, in the Claymore quest line, been modified to update on the new place holder mobs as well as the original named mobs that were required for the quest.
  • Breaking of the Pact: The portions of this quest that once asked for "a drowned footsoldier" will now accept drowned soldiers of any type.
  • Winter Comes: The portions of this quest that once asked for "a Sabertooth tracker" will now also accept "a Sabertooth scout" and "a Sabertooth hunter."
  • The Three Keys - The Second: The portions of this quest that once asked for "a young timber badger" will now accept any badger. The portions of this quest that once asked for "a weald wolf" will now accept any wolf. The portions of this quest that once asked for "a young antelope" will now accept any antelope.
  • The Three Keys - The Third: The portions of this quest that once asked for "an undead worker" will now also accept "an undead farmer," "an undead caretaker," and "an undead settler." The portions of this quest that asked for "a flesh scavenger" will now also accept "a corpse feeder" and "a carrion gorger." The portions of this quest that asked for "a roaming dead" will now update on killing lions.

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