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Unread 06-12-2023, 07:40 PM
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Default [Live] Update Notes - June 13, 2023

  • Updated several abilities to trigger off of any damage, instead of any combat damage:
    • Battle Frenzy
    • Spiritfire
    • Power Through the Pain
    • Brittle Armor
    • Spines of Thule
    • Flameshield
    • Hyran's Seething Sonata
    • Thornskin
    • Sentinel
    • Daelis' Dance of Blades
    • Aura of Void
    • Boon of the Damned
  • Bruiser
    • Corrected an issue that prevented Enhance: Knockout Combination, Enhance: Sucker Punch, and Fists of Fury from functioning.
  • Corrected an issue that could prevent the Guild Hall Gigglegibber Goblin Gamblin' Game Vendor from appearing in some guild halls.
  • Expansion and zone-restricted adornments should now work in Live Event zones.
  • Corrected a bug that prevented the Live Event Mercenary Unlock from functioning on a mercenary that was already above level 1.
  • Removed the erroneous text indicating that the Live Event Mercenary Unlock would boost the level of the mercenary.
  • Grizzly Wildfang Fang - Item name typo has been corrected.
  • Cloth Bracers of Certainty - Item name now properly reflects it is a forearm armor piece.
  • Hunter's Union rewards are now adornment based, with the adornment giving a portion of the hunters item stat, as well as the spell effect.
  • Previously purchased Hunters Unions items have been updated to no longer have stats or effects. They can be traded for new versions of the same items that include the new Adornments at the Hunter Converter merchant on the Thundering Steppes docks.
  • Unfailing Cloth Hood of Malice is now properly spelled.
  • Items found in Empire of Antiquity content have been audited for item tier and improved, with some moving from Fabled to Mythical.
  • Kael Drakkel: Chain Darklight Mystic Helmet, Chain Darklight Blademaster Helmet, and Chain Darklight Tranquil Helmet now use proper helmet icons instead of trying to give you a gloved head massage.
  • Kael Drakkel: A large number of Lore and Legend chain gloves/mitts/gauntlets (Silent City, Shimmering Citadel, Lavastorm, Deep Forge etc.) now use proper glove icons instead of helmet icons.
  • Updated several item effects to trigger off of any damage, instead of any combat damage:
    • Conversion
    • Dreadnaught's Redirection
    • Energetic Transmutation
    • Summon Familiar: Carina Cuddleblaze
    • Summon Familiar: Ancient Cadavodile
    • Summon Familiar: Armored Ipsumodon
    • Summon Familiar: Planar Earth Elemental
    • Summon Familiar: Gaggelu Pearwood
    • Summon Familiar: Mineral Protector
    • Summon Familiar: Sirai'Os Deathseer
    • Summon Familiar: Glaucos of the Sink
    • Summon Familiar: Vaclaz, Gaia Demon
    • Summon Familiar: Firephage, Lungfire Fiend
    • Summon Familiar: Ragle Everghast
    • Rebuke of the Summoner
    • Sparkling Shield
    • Irritating Sands
    • Scathing Sands
    • Scouring Sands
    • Scornful Presence
    • Lesser Scornful Presence
    • Scornful Presence II
    • Scornful Presence III
    • Defiant Stand
    • Defiant Stand II
    • Defiant Stand III
    • Stonewill
    • Stonewill II
    • Stonewill III
    • Lesser Stonewill
    • Undeniable Malice
    • Lesser Undeniable Malice
    • Undeniable Malice II
    • Undeniable Malice III
    • Earth Shield
    • Undeniable Maliciousness
    • Unholy Aura
    • Commanding Presence
    • Aggravated Assault
    • Betraying Thoughts
    • Vexation I
    • Purge Pain
    • Divine Fortitude
    • Debilitating Aura
    • Free Movement
    • Grasping Punishment
    • Elemental Reaction
    • Pure Blood
  • Jubilation merchants now also sell Silver Jubilation Medal [QTY 3] for 15 Copper Jubilation Medals, for those with even more copper medals stowed away.
  • The rescue mission Captured By the Yha'Lei is now spelled, correctly, yah?
  • The Fourth Warrior - Jhal'Dolek - Heart of Jhal'Dolek and Inert Leather Cloak minimum level use has been lowered to allow for quest progression on Kael Drakkel.
  • The Secret of the Stone - A stranger will now properly acknowledge Vah Shir.
  • Bone Breaking Work - Quest journal edited with a reminder to smash the dabrutu skulls to update quest.
  • The Book of Thex - A Curious Tome can now be looted from Fallen Scholar Edgars on Kael Drakkel Lore & Legends server.
  • Experience rewards from Planes of Prophecy tradeskill quests have been normalized.
  • The ghost of Meldrath the Marvelous in A Stitch in Time, Part I: Security Measures has adjusted his dialog a bit to indicate that the machines are temporarily not aggressive, but that he is unsure how long it will last.
  • Normal mobs for the A Stitch in Time tradeskill signature line from the Plane of Magic and the A Restitch in Time tradeskill missions should no longer be deadly* for crafters with lower adventuring levels. (*Mind you, if you decide to go kick a mob in the shin or you want to hug an epic reborn phoenix or a Mistress of Hate, you may end up ranger-gating still, but that's up to you!)
  • Kael Drakkel: There is now an upgrade recipe for Enhanced Chain Deep Forge Tranquil Mitts.
  • Kael Drakkel: The upgrade recipe Enhanced Cloth Loping Plains Furious Slippers now exists when you generate a recipe scroll from Cloth Loping Plains Furious Slippers.
  • You can now move multiple inventory bag windows simultaneously by selecting specific windows to move!
    • Select and deselect a bag window by left-clicking on it while holding Ctrl+Alt.
    • Select and deselect all open bag windows by left-clicking on one while holding Shift+Ctrl+Alt.
    • A setting has been added to inventory options to change the color of the bag highlighting when selecting which bags to drag simultaneously.
  • Takish Badlands: The Boundless Gulf [Raid]
    • Freihdy Fuhngus should now spawn more frequently during the Huhmuhngus Fuhngus Amuhngus encounter.
    • The last time the Huhmuhngus Fuhngus Amuhngus checks for the Formidable Fuhngus Suppression effect applied to players, he will only check priests instead of all non-fighters.
  • Sandstone Delta: The Standing Storm [Raid]
    • Raaijs Viruniq, the Rath'Mana High Priest should now announce himself when he is activated.
  • Buried Takish'Hiz: Emergence From Stone [Raid]
    • Corrected an issue where the sign text on the locks in Sanum Ordast's encounter room would not properly set themselves if returning to a previously saved instance.
  • Epic Spell Quests
    • Corrected an issue that prevented crusaders from obtaining the update for their Epic Spell to ancient rank. It should now properly update from Ragtag the Despoiler within Takish Badlands: The Boundless Gulf [Raid].
  • Echoes of Faydwer Avatars
    • Avatars of Growth, Mischief, and Fear have been moved into an instanced zone at their previous spawn locations. These zones will have a longer than normal lockout.
  • Trial of Elements [Solo]
    • Tidalax now resets if everyone on his hate list is beyond 50 meters of him.
    • Fixed a bug that could prevent the reuse on Ozani's Solstice from resetting if firesun pearls were destroyed too quickly.
  • Sundered Frontier
    • Perennial shrubs should no longer spawn in unreachable locations in Toxxulia's Reach.
  • Renewal of Ro [Heroic II] and [Heroic III]
    • Boss barrages are now more deadly.
  • Renewal of Ro [Solo]
    • It is now possible for mercenary tokens to drop off of any boss, instead of only zone bosses.
  • Raj'Dur Plateaus
    • All available destinations will appear when accessing the teleporter to Buried Takish'Hiz.
  • Takish Badlands: Overgrowth [Solo]
    • Florafangs adds no longer cast Lost in the Overgrowth, thus no longer port you around.

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