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Unread 02-26-2024, 08:20 PM
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Default [Live] Update Notes - February 27th, 2024

  • Corrected an issue that caused Divine Crit Bonus, Divine Potency, and Divine Stamina to cease when the life functions of its target were terminated. The gods see dead people and will continue to bless you even after you do the long sleep.
  • Year of Darkpaw tradeskill achievements for the remainder of 2024 have been added so that players may plan their questing time accordingly. Players will be able to complete the required quests any time during 2024, but the associated achievement will not award until the at least the month listed in the achievement name. For example, if a player has already completed the quests listed under "May: Collecting Mounts", the achievement will not be awarded until May 1. If the player completes the quests after May 1, but before December 31, 2024, the achievement is awarded upon completion.
  • Corrected an issue that caused Ballads of Zimara "Raid Rune" adornments from working properly in Ballads of Zimara raid zones.
  • Masquerade of Divinity rank III and rank IV weapons for Erollisi Marr should now protect the player properly.
  • The following items have been corrected to have 470 Resolve:
    • Unbound Djinnweld Nimbus Armlet
    • Unbound Djinnweld Nimbus Signet
    • Unbound Djinnweld Stratus Bracelet
    • Unbound Djinnweld Cirrus Band
  • Masquerades of Divinity
    • Contested avatars of the same camp can no longer be summoned in multiple zones once an avatar in any contested zone has been engaged. If the avatar is not defeated, it will once again allow it to be summoned.
    • The Avatar of Erollisi Marr's "shout" ability will no longer kill players for the contested version of the encounter.
  • Splendor Sky Aerie
    • Corrected an issue that could cause a player to become gated when attempting to return the Felfeather Family Album in Splendor Sky Aerie.
  • The item "dessicated bones" is now properly spelled "desiccated". Mentions of these bones has also been fixed for the following tradeskill quests: "Were Is the Messenger: Where the Weres Are", "Basement Building: Treats for Ziggy" and "Igore's Request: Items for the Far Seas".
  • The live capture net for "Mischief Managed: Duty and the Beast" now can be used by crafters of all adventuring levels, instead of having a level 20 requirement.

Vaashkaani: Every Which Way
  • Gold orbs should be slightly easier to trigger when running into them at default run speed, and are closer to the ground.
Zimara Breadth: Crested Expanse [Raid]
  • When activating Challenge mode by engaging all three bosses at the same time, Chohnki will now cast "Nightmarish Gluttony" on himself which can be dispelled for a higher difficulty encounter and additional bonus loot.
Aether Wroughtlands: The Delves [Raid]
  • The exit portal from the Albalatin Terrace once Feri'tal is defeated should now correctly exit to Aether Wroughtlands.
Kurn's Tower
  • Haggle Baron Klok's Silvered Voice of Persuasion can now be correctly avoided, and he no longer applies it to himself.
Aether Wroughtlands: Native Mettle [Heroic III]
  • Aureate bandits will despawn when The Aurum Outlaw is defeated and will no longer respawn after.
  • Goldan will now lose Combat Mitigation for each maedjin disruptor (up to 2) left alive, displayed by a new ability on Goldan called Disrupted Defense.

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