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playing around with this a bit more. this is what i found.

it only happens on maintained buffs, whether they are self or group.

any buff that is raid or group friend acts normal.

it doesn't matter what order i cast them in. self or group buff has this odd behavior. raid or group friend buff does not.

the odd ones do not scroll. the raid or group friend buffs will. even though they are all in the same window supposedly.

also, random things like mount buff, guild buff, arcannae buff, random guild hall buff items, are all in the "normal" and scrollable section.

the deadly sabertooth popup thing doesn't happen anymore, but now those odd behaving maintained spells have no information popup when hovering over the icons.

im going to try completely uninstalling profitui ce and reinstalling it.

edit: uninstall and re-install fixed nothing. also, just to be thorough, i logged my mystic in and loaded profitui, like maybe it was something specific to healers, but no. nothing. so it is definitely something with wardens specifically. and one last bit of info. when i log my warden in, the maintain window is totally normal while loading, meaning i still cant interact with the game world. as soon as it finishes loading and i can start moving and clicking things, it switches to the buggy state. no matter what the order of the buffs is in the maintain window while im loading in, those specific self and group buffs switch to the top, get the weird bar, become unscrollable etc......THIS MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL

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