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Originally Posted by Darqwood View Post
I agree, looks very fresh. The MacOS dark mode will be interesting to see. Is this going to be a graphics-only addon, or the whole of Fetish repackaged?

Entire Fetish (Somewhat of a farce... I've returned a lot of it to using common WindowElements.dds... A lot of the old Window modules are broken/look wrong, so I'll tweak them as I go. Default Window .xml's look pretty nice with just my customized WindowElements.dds) +My own tweaks/bits and bobs I borrowed off this site as standalone modules.

Would also like to ask you about including Harvest Helper in the official package (or as an official addon. I already skinned it for my UI and have it working.)

Granted: I'm a total newb at .xml, so I'm having to learn a lot as I go. Fetish was outdated to the point of being practically broken when I started. Which makes me kinda sad. The ReVert Skin (Which was my starting point) was a high-tech look for a really dated interface. It actually helped lure me into the modding side of things.

(Sorry for delay. Forum Notifications usually suck pretty bad)
(I would love to join DarqSide for the tutorials and help, but I'm a poor College Student living on Government Disability; which barely lets me pay my EQ2 sub, let alone swing other recurring charges. )
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