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Huh, I didn't realize that was an option. I do remember that they had it set where you had to setup your hotbars every level, and save the layout. This was when spells and combat arts didn't stay when you mentored down. But I never actually used this once that was changed. So, I can set a macro to switch between layouts on the fly? Do persistant spells/combat arts have to stay on the hotbars in order to keep functioning (group buffs, single buffs, etc), I would assume so?

I'll have to read up on how that works, and see what I can do. It's very interesting, because that means that I can, hopefully, set up a ton of categories, and just have a bunch of macros for every situation. I'm hoping this can be done on the fly, while fighting, so that I can have hotbars dedicated to healing, but still switch to damage almost immediately, and vice versa.
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