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Unread 09-23-2021, 08:36 AM
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Is that something like this?

(1632403280)[Thu Sep 23 08:21:20 2021] You have entered Lichveil Island.
(1632403294)[Thu Sep 23 08:21:34 2021] Map style name: exp18_prelude_home_oakmyst_island_

(1632403732)[Thu Sep 23 08:28:52 2021] You have entered Savage Cay.
(1632403745)[Thu Sep 23 08:29:05 2021] Map style name: exp18_prelude_feerrott_epic01_temple_

(1632403951)[Thu Sep 23 08:32:31 2021] You have entered Skerry Hideaway.
(1632403965)[Thu Sep 23 08:32:45 2021] Map style name: exp18_prelude_home_pirate_island_

Or do you need more than that? Sorry, first time actually digging into this side of things (only ever submitted POIs up to this point).
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