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Default Installing ProfitUI Community Edition

Since this is a whole new spin of ProfitUI, the new utility will install the UI into a new folder called ProfitUI_CE. It will not delete your old ProfitUI folder. I have deliberately made that a separate step.

Once you have downloaded the new utility, I suggest the following:
* If you have customized any files that are not included in the regular build, copy those off to a safe place. The release notes list what's included and what's not.
* Remove ProfitUI. I have written a small script to do this or you can do it manually. If you want to use the script, download Nuke_Profit.BAT and run it from your EQ2 folder.
* Drop a copy of the new ProfitUI CE utility into the UI folder for the EQ2 installation you want to update. If you have a Test or Beta installation, each of those will need its own copy of the utility in its UI folder.
* Run the utility to install ProfitUI Community Edition (and EQ2MAP if you use that.) Again, if you have Test or Beta setups, run the utility from the corresponding UI folders.
* Restore your personal customizations. Don't forget to mark those files in the manifest so the utility will ignore them.

You're now good to go.

Update 2016-05-09: New version of ProfitUI CE Utility. Release notes:
ProfitUI Community Edition Utility v1.0.0.1

* Closing the utility while minimized no longer results in the window being permanently hidden
* The "classic" ProfitUI color theme is applied to the UI automatically during first-time setup
* Color themes and custom skins are now applied exclusively from the Themes page of the utility
* Added profit.dds to list of files that can be customized when creating a custom UI skin
* Corrected a visual bug with a textbox on the Settings page
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