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Originally Posted by bluja000 View Post
Enter in the account username/password for multiple accounts? I want to enter in both my regular account details, plus my husband's account details, so that I can quickly switch between the two account toons. But I don't see where that option is available. If someone could direct me, I'd be very grateful. I have the non-updating version of the ui, or if I have the auto-updating version, it's not set up that way. I wouldn't mind having it auto-update as well, but it's not a biggie for me to manually click it and say update.
  1. Open the DarqUI Utility.
  2. Navigate to the screen where you see "Select a character and a UI component to work with"
  3. Select any character from the drop-down menu in the first box; select Shutdown (Camp) in the second box.
  4. If this is the the first time you've set it up, click on "Update account list" lower right corner, and add account names and passwords.
  5. When adding a new character, use the "Rebuild" button, upper right, rather than the "Update account list" button. This will preserve the account names and passwords you've already entered.
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