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Default Account is in use

Every once in a while, a "/camp altname" typed in the chat box will fail and EQII will pop up a message saying that account is in use. Darqui has nothing to do with that.

But, if I have my two accounts' login, password, and character list in the Darqui "Account camp list", I cannot get re-logged in on the account that got that error. EQII comes back with "login rejected". If I select a character from the other account, I can log in.

For example:
  • I'm playing char1 on acct1
  • type in: /camp char2 (char2 is on acct1)
  • "account in use"
  • select char2 (or any char) from the acct1 char list in the camp screen
  • "login rejected"
  • select charA from acct2
  • login succeeds

I can re-enter my login credentials there in the camp dialog for acct1 to try to get to char2, and it still gets "login rejected".

Now here's the fuzzy memory part: I think if I do not have my login credentials in the Darqui "Account camp list", so I have to manually enter them in the camp dialog, I can get logged in after an "account in use". Or maybe it was a totally empty "Account camp list" that made it work.

Unfortunately this is really hard to test since it depends on the random "account is in use" error from EQII.
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