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Originally Posted by tzpmrz View Post
I don't know if there already something like this but a better crafting UI

1. I would prefer an Icon with the end product side by side with the icon of the materials needed so I don't have to examine 2x to see what I would get. I absolutely hate the way I have to drill down twice to see what's made.

2. I want some kind of filtering by class ( paladin, fighter, scouts, priests etc ) trying to find items I can use on my pally that I can craft is a real pain.

3. it might be nice to search for things that use the materials I have. I sometimes have some rare item harvest and would like to just see whats available ( if I can't use it I want to see the empty list ASAP so I can sell it or pass if off to someone who can use it ).
Some of these would require soe to make the crafting system work that way.

As for the items by class thats already there. Search recipes then clone then select class or book or any combination of and save.
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