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Default Quick Cast Buttons & Cures guide

Quick Cast Buttons & Cures Guide

When editing your quick cast and cures buttons in-game, you'll be prompted with a pop-up window. The first field is un-editable. This is purposefully implemented so you know which edit button you recently clicked and from a developer standpoint makes it easier to make sure things are working correctly.

You'll find a similar description of "guidelines" listed right in the window:
- use commands without the slashes (one command per line)
- MYSELF is a variable for your own name
- SELECTED is a variable for group/raid member being casted on
- wrap special characters in single quotes, ie: hello'!!!'
- Spells/abilities with quotes in them require a GAME RESTART after saving but is suggested to use the spell id instead

All of the Quick Cast & Cure buttons save between sessions and are saved by character name, so you can configure all of your toons separately!

Basic examples were included in the Self Cure options, and the Group/Raid buttons included a guideline filler to get each user started.

Basic functions:
  • The buttons are basically fully-functionally command macros. They work like a normal macro would, but you don't need to include the slashes on the commands.
  • All commands should be on separate line
  • Included in the code are 2 variables that you can make use of in any hot button, as many times as you would like
    • MYSELF: This will use your player's name
    • SELECTED: This will use the player's name of the corresponding quick cast/cure button from the Raid or Group windows
    • Make sure to leave a space before and after these variables so that they are read properly!
  • Having separate options set to self cures and raid cures can allow healers, who sometimes cannot cure him or herself, an opportunity to setup a hotkey to annouce they're debuffed

Example Self Cure Curse:
raid Curse on MYSELF and I cannot cure
gsay Curse on MYSELF and I cannot cure
Example Group/Raid Cure Curse:
useabilityonplayer SELECTED "Cure Curse"
raid Curing curse on SELECTED
gsay Curing curse on SELECTED

Special Characters
  • Special characters do not play friendly within the XML code
  • You will need to wrap your sentence or spell name in normal ("double") quotes to have them work properly in game
  • Several characters include: ' / * + - > < ( ) ! (not all of these are tested)

Example Quick Cast button:
useabilityonplayer SELECTED "Ro's Blessing"
gsay I think SELECTED "needs some **help**!! They're going to need a hand or two!"
Output: You tell the party, "I think Drumstix needs some **help**!! They're going to need a hand or two!"

  • Wrap spell names in double quotes, especially spell names with apostrophes.
    • International servers will have trouble using plain text
    • The best alternative to this is to try to find your SPELL ID number for spells/abilities:
      • See this topic for detailed info on finding spell ID numbers.

You no longer have to relog with spells that have single quotes, as the wrapping of double quotes will save you the trouble.

It is a very quick process to edit your buttons in game!
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