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Originally Posted by lvwjam View Post
The problem i am having is i can not get the customization windows to open. The EQ2 button on the stat bar works to open the eq2 menu but the UI button i just hear a click. when i hover over the white settings buttons on different windows such as the group window or the spell timer window i can hear the click but nothing happens. Need help bad please. I deleted everything out of the UI folder except the Default, Default_Blue and Fonts folders out of the UI folder, totally deleted everything from my computer that was related to drums and started over by downloading the drumsui updater, then running eq2 maps.
One thing, for Kunark Ascending, needs to install Blackhood's updates: http://www.eq2interface.com/forums/s...ad.php?t=18226 which I'm not sure are part of the updater.
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