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Originally Posted by Wyvre View Post
It would be nice to add a 3rd line to the stat bar. Or text wrap.
I had this already in the works when I saw the post above yours. (3 bars)

I consider this a beta, until things are worked out. Some of the code I am working with I am unfamiliar with, but I am learning it as I go. So, I need help in telling me what is wrong etc.

This is for the DrumsUI Statbar ( I am assuming you have DrumsUI installed and updated with the updates I did before), I will push it to the stand alone bar after things are worked out here.

EDIT: If I don't hear anything from anyone by 5/13/16 (Friday), I am going to abandon this, as I don't need 3 bars and we don't need 5 variations of the Statbar out there.

EDIT2: Project abandoned. Did not hear anything. File deleted.

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