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Default Doesn't save settings

Great addon!

I've however noticed it does not save the settings, once I camp to another character I'll have to configure it all again.

I use the automatic updater, and I only use your UI with a few exceptions (the once I do not use: market, bank-bags,inventory-bags and persona window).

Checked some more:
DrumsUI\POI\drumsui_spelltimer.xml has all my timers in it correcty setup
DrumsUI\SpellTimer\DrumsUI_ST_Settings.xml point to above file:
However when I start it doesn't seem to load the spelltimer settings, if I however make a change it does reflect in the file.. It just doesn't seem to load correctly.

Update 2: I deleted the DrumsUI_ST_Settings.xml file and ran the updater.
Think I have narrowed it down to a problem when camping to another character. The timer's settings loads correctly and works fine, until you do a /camp another_char then the timer's settings go to "default". If you do a /exit/restart game and login directly to the character it however works fine.

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