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Originally Posted by AveugleEtSourd

* since i'm with 5.3 my personnabar disappeared

*i'va got a bug when i'l=m switching the size of the map.Can't get back to the normal size and just can see a little frame of it

* the quick bar to set adifferent map location just show on the path button of the map window and i can't move it.

This version (5.3) was just released yesterday, these are just a couple minor bugs that will most likely have a fix within a few days, when Zonx has a chance to look at them.

Also you may try posting here http://www.eq2interface.com/forums/s...9957#post39957
That is the official help thread for fetish nightfall.

Originally Posted by AveugleEtSourd
* while i was in a group yesterday this message start poping more and more "Storms_berrytiger_eq2_uisettings.ini" could not be written to, your UI, settings can't be saved
Best thing I can tell you to do, is camp and reboot EQ. I've only had this happen 3 times, and when it did, I just rebooted my game and didn't have anymore issues with it for that night. Last time this happened to me was about 2 weeks ago, I thought they had a patch for it. Maybe a full file scan would help you? Not sure.

Hope this helps
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