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Originally Posted by jnils View Post
But now its done
No problem understanding this time.
Like I said before, no problem as long as we come to an understanding in the end and get the map live

Originally Posted by jnils View Post
Next problem:
You can try this in User_mapstyles

<ImageStyle Name="exp14_dun_bastion_of_thunder_02_solo_1" displayname="Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Winds of Change (Tower of the Rainkeeper) [Solo]" zonerect="-363.00, -291.00, 417.00, 294.00" heightmin="700">
<ImageFrame Source="images/maps/map_exp14_dun_nektulos_tradeskill.dds" SourceRect="0,0,800,600" />
Ahh yeah that makes much more sense than my previous try, which I now also see why it would fail, lets not talk about how stupid my try was :P
Will test as soon as I'm able, might take a bit as I started working on CD.

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