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Originally Posted by jnils View Post
It was LP_REGION i was thinking about
The logic it follows is:

When it receives what it thinks is a valid EQ2 path it;
  1. Scans that path for all LP_REGION_XX_XX directories
  2. Scans everquest2.exe in the base path and any LP_REGION_XX_XX directories for the latest file activity and uses that path.
  3. In the event EQ2 is installed on a drive that does not support this type of file data it will pick the 1st LP_REGION_XX_XX directory.

Of course it could totally pick wrong; that is why I don't auto populate the path, the user has to take some sort of action. Press the reg button if active or populate the path field. Making them see the path and hopefully correcting any issues.. (wishful thinking I know)
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