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Originally Posted by jgok
I know the Feerrott needs one... I've been marking PoIs for it, but I haven't tried this thing to get a map of it. I'll run that tonight or tomorrow and post the results.

Do I need to have the entire zone as clear as possible of the fog, or is that even a worry? The only sections of the Feerrott I haven't cleared are those near the Temple of Cazic-Thule, as the mobs there are the only ones who see through my invis...
Revealing the map isn't important, you just need to get far NW and far SE to get /loc's.

If it's easier to get far NE and SW than NW and SE (rather, if you can get farther NE than NW and farther SW than SE) go ahead and do so, and just post a pic of the BFZ calculator and I can do some reversed calculations on the numbers.

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