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Default EQ2Maps doing it again, "select a zone"

Not sure how this was fixed last expac, but I'm getting "select a zone" again when I try to submit POI in Plane of Innovation: Masks of the Marvelous (Solo). I'll update if I find other maps like that. In KA when some of the maps were like that, I was told it was something Daybreak had to fix. IDK though. So to be clear, I enter a zone, and want to add a POI, then I log in, and when redirected, it goes to a blank form with "Select a zone" in the Zone dropdown. The dropdown contains all known zones so not likely I'll find it. Plus it's tiny, shows like 4 at a time. If I just have to scroll to the bottom and add it once, that would be ok but no such luck. Thank you.
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