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Default Group Member Quick Spells not working right

Forgive me if I'm not describing this right - I just came back to the game after an over 2 year break. Playing on Kaladim TLE server. I used DarqUI back in the day - and a lot has changed in both the UI and the game.

"Back in the day" we used to disband our group and reform so that the tank was the leader and in the F2 position. And I recently right clicked on a group member and saw that I could rearrange the group! This was awesome, as I'm in a new guild, and hated to tell them to disband and reform.

However, last night, I noticed after I rearranged the group, that the spells on the little quick bar under their name didn't work right. I cast Flameshield on the tank, and it actually landed on the group member to his right - the healer. Same with casting shards - I was trying to give the healer a shard and he insisted he did not have it. Turns out it was being sent to the group member to his right. Once I targeted the group member and cast the spell from the regular spell bar did it work correctly.

At first I thought I was going crazy - new guild members, so maybe I got the names confused. I asked my hubby - and when he started paying attention - he said the same thing was happening to him.

This is the area I'm talking about

So, I don't know if this is a default game thing being able to rearrange group members - or a DarqUI thing... It wasn't part of either 2 years ago (I don't think, I've slept since then)
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