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I know there is some problem with this zone.

Mysstie reported this:
Crypt of Dalnir: Ritual Champer [Solo]
Crypt of Dalnir: Ritual Champer [Heroic] (double checked, map shows these for both Solo and Heroic)
<ImageStyle displayname="Crypt of Dalnir" Name="exp13_dun_dalnir_02_0" />
<ImageStyle displayname="Crypt of Dalnir" Name="exp13_dun_dalnir_02_1" />

??? - Nothing used these
<ImageStyle displayname="Crypt of Dalnir" Name="exp13_dun_dalnir_02_solo_0" />
<ImageStyle displayname="Crypt of Dalnir" Name="exp13_dun_dalnir_02_solo_1" />
Could you try this command next time you enter the zone and report back the result:
/show_map_style_name 1
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