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Originally Posted by Witherweed View Post
this doesnt do anything for me. I have made this user.js file, I have allowed the awesome file through the firewall, I have reinstalled my default ui (delete and redownload with full game file check) and the browser window still crashed to desk at 20%. I can't even petition about it, because the damn thing tries to open the web page and crashes at 20%. It's driving me nuts.
That's because the latest patch took out the old Mozilla-based browser and replaced it with the Chrome-based Awesomium component. user.js from Mozilla won't do anything for the new browser. We're just going to have to wait for SOE to fix their stuff.

Meanwhile, you can go to http://soe-ing.custhelp.com/app/answers/list and click on the "In-Game Support" tab to get the petition system outside of the game. You can also click on the "Station Support" tab, click on the Everquest II game picture, click on "Technical Support" and then "Open a Support Ticket". I believe that goes to the general Tech Support team, not the EQ2 game support crew.
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