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Originally Posted by occam6 View Post
Hello, and thank you for all the work you've done on DrumsUI.
Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working for me. Is the updated file named DrumsUI_full_release2.07? That'st he only download I can find, but when I install this file there's no change to my UI.

Once you unzip that file, you have to put the DrumsUI folder in your everquest\ui folder. Also, put eq2.ini into your \everquest folder.

Then download DrumsUI_kunark_20161115a (from my first post) and unzip to your everquest\ui folder, it will ask you to overwrite files. Overwrite all files.

Then in game do a /loadui and select DrumsUI.

If you already have DrumsUI installed, just do the second part. I just linked those files in case people wanted to try DrumsUI or just wanted a fresh install of the UI.
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