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Originally Posted by SOE-Rothgar View Post
Do any of you see issues with your current raid window mods or have any other suggestions?
Hooray for the DD, even though your hardcoding would not work for my raid window (which already shows the effect icons, but outside of the MemberX pages to avoid target switching, and which has its own toggle to show/hide them).

But still I'd like to use your way of shrinking it. To make this a viable alternative for modders, could we get the hardcoding to adhere to some modifiiable XML tags? I'm thinking of tags like
  • ShrinkOnEffectsHide="[true|false]" (not strictly necessary, users will see if it messes things up)
  • ShrinkAmount (I'd really want that)
These tags should be checked during runtime so they can be changed on the fly.

Would be great, also for all other hardcoding done in the UI.
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