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Default Community based project: Creating a new default UI

I've had an idea for a couple years now that I wanted to pursue. I really wanted to create a community-based project with the modding community to create a new UI from the ground up that could possibly be packaged with the base game; sort of an alternate Default UI. The target audience would still be new players as well as existing players so I wouldn't want to fill the UI up with a lot of advanced features. The main point would be to redesign the UI in a more intuitive way, a fresh look, and a more organized configuration of styles and elements. I was thinking of this project back when I created the window manager because I thought that I really wanted the new UI to have minimizable windows. But part of me would really like to see a more integrated UI that isn't based as much on floating windows like the current Default. Something that has a more "HUD" feel to it. Another thing I wanted to do was create a "drawer" system for hotbars so pressing a hotbar button would popup a drawer with other icons in it. This way you could layer all of your potions/poisons behind a single button for example. One of my biggest gripes is that our players have to open 6+ hotbar windows in order to play the game.

Anyway, I've gotten off on a tangent. But seriously, if the idea of this project sounds good to anyone, we should talk about it.

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