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Sorry you are having trouble, bluja000. The Java version of ProfitUI is no longer supported. The currently supported ProfitUI installer can be found here. Both DarqUI and ProfitUI_CE will install EQ2MAP properly for you, so you no longer need the folder that you named EQ2MAPS.

Both utilities will handle eq2.ini and eq2_recent.ini automatically when you install. If you did not get the result you wanted after installing, go to the Files page of the desired utility and click Make this UI the default. If it says Stop using this UI as the default, then click the link twice: once to remove the custom default from those two ini files, and a second time to insert the correct custom UI into the ini files. Restart the game and you should see the custom UI without having to do anything else.

The reason your personalized UI folder does not appear in /loadui is probably because you do not have eq2ui_skininfo.xml in the custom folder. Without it, you have to type the folder name after /loadui, such as

/loadui mycustomfolder

If you want to try one more time with one of the complete custom packages, let me suggest doing what you did earlier: delete eq2.ini, delete eq2_recent.ini, and delete the entire \UI\ folder. Start the LaunchPad and let it re-download all of the needed files from Daybreak. Now close the LaunchPad and double-click either the ProfitUI_CE utility or the DarqUI Unified utility. Accept all of the defaults and allow the utility to completely finish. Now log in to the game using the Daybreak LaunchPad without selecting a specific character. This will take you to the character select screen where you can choose a character to play.

Hopefully this gets you going again wth a custom UI. If not, you are welcome to ask as many questions as needed here.


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