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Default [Live] Update Notes - May 6, 2022

  • Addressed an issue that could cause world instability.
  • Corrected an issue that caused wards to apply for negative values when they exceeded a certain amount and removed the cap on wards from exceeding that amount.
  • Adornment slots have been added to the following items:
    • Lantern of Lunar Light - blue
    • Mayong Mistmoore's Deathshroud - red
    • Lenya's Polished Regal Pauldrons - red
    • Mayong's Vampiric Bracers of the Bloodrite - red
    • Mayong's Vampiric Pauldrons of Blood - red
  • Karuupa Deino Saddle - Collectible item has been renamed to avoid confusion with another item that was also named "Deino Saddle".
  • Corrected an issue with item based maintained spell effects not re-applying properly when zoning.
  • Tower Defense - The Besieged Tower is now set to level 60 for those on the Kael Drakkel server.
  • Unexpected Support - The Blackburrow Tunnels are now set to level 60 for those on the Kael Drakkel server.
  • Dent and Scratch merchant Grimalda Goodhand in Renfry's Basement isn't great at spelling these days. The "Slighty" Damaged Forlorn Bed is now "Slightly" more accurately named.
  • Tradeskill NPC Jadrek Woolfe in Everfrost will now sell aerated mineral water, luminous kindling and milk to better aid those who are doing his quests.
  • The Merchant's Den [Heroic II]
    • Liegess Lavalle's Arch Enemy will now pass to another group member if the previous target dies.
    • All challenge boss adds will now despawn should they gain a second set of buffs when they spawn.
    • Challenge Arachlord Dyrraga updates
      • Drained commodities have reduced health.
      • Drained merchant marines spawn slower.
      • "False" silk threads have more health.
      • Scouts will not be targets of Tangled Webs during the scout event.
      • Tangled Webs is recast slightly less frequently.
      • Behind the Schemes now properly drains power over time, instead of once on application.
      • Silk Road is recast slightly less frequently and now drains mana and debuffs Accuracy, Flurry and Strikethrough instead of Crit Bonus and Fervor.
  • Castle Vacrul: Haunting Presence [Raid]
    • The icon for the "Dark Tidings" spell can no longer be hidden during the Lenya Thex encounter.
    • The icon for the "Juxtaposed Hex" spell can no longer be hidden during the Lord Mayong Mistmoore encounter.
  • Forlorn Gist: Emerging Deceit [Raid]
    • The icon for the "Proximity Hex" spell can no longer be hidden during the Lithania Dyrmelia encounter.

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