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Default ProfitUI CE Frequently Asked Questions

This post was created so I may eventually link to it via in game through the ProfitUI Control Center.

This FAQ was created with source material from gm9 and my own work.

What is ProfitUI_CE?

ProfitUI Community Edition is a new fork because older versions of Profit stopped being updated around the time of the AoM xpac.

The project is updated by regular users when parts of the UI change or need fixing.

Therendil on EQ2interface.com is the current curator of changes and updates to the ProfitUI_CE patcher which is hosted by the author of DarqUI (Darqwood on EQ2interface)

The ProfitUI_CE updater can be Downloaded at EQ2interface.com

General Tips:

If your custom UI does not load on start make sure the eq2.ini is present in your game folder.

Some windows use editable content. Go to your ProfitUI_CE folder and look for .txt files. Each one of those can be edited by you. Most of these files should contain some sort of instructions. The basic rule is to keep the format you see in there.

Right-click any window, select Window settings and play with the "frame and titlebar" settings and the opacity sliders. Most windows have optional layouts or settings that can be toggled this way. Using the opacity sliders you can also often make them show on mouse-over only.

If you cannot move a window, check the window settings to make sure that it is not locked and that click through is not enabled.

If you don't see the EQ2 Startbutton you can right click the Experience Window and choose Mininize or Maximize to show it.

The command to load your UI settings from another character is /load_uisettings

If you do ever use /loadui you may need to exit/restart the game afterward.

Pressing F10 shows and unlocks all windows to easily move them.

Pressing ALT-O opens the Options Window.

eq2.ini file:

This file is necessary to load your custom UI on start of the game.

The first line controls this behavior and should match the name of your UI folder.

For ProfitUI_CE the first two line should look like this.
cl_ui_skinname ProfitUI_CE
cl_ui_subdir UI/

Below you find some additional options that cannot be set via the in game menu. Just add or remove a "#" in front of the setting which you want to activate/deactivate

#Bypass the extra 10 seconds to load a zone.
cl_load_ui_resources_timeout 0

# Force the options window to open in advanced mode
cl_options_advanced 1

# Disable the intro movie
cl_movie_enabled 0

# Make the merc quieter
cl_ignore_merc_chatter true

# Allow the possibility to have chat channels in more than one tab/window
chat_allowduplicatechannels 1

Experience Window:

Right clicking on the XP window brings up a menu. The first option to Maximize or Minimize controls where to display the EQ2 Start button and various shortcuts.

Minimizing docks the Start button to the left side of the XP window and Maximize separates the Start button and places it on the lower right side of your screen. It is then fully movable.

Frame and Title bar is the default setting and shows many XP/AA values. On hover in it will show Speed, Tithe Points and Status

Frame Only shows Speed, Tithe Points, Status and nothing else.

None selected shows the various XP/AA values but will never show Speed, Tithe and Status.

Opacity sliders for titlebar/frame should be all the way to the right to see these Hover In/Out changes

XP Vials are to the right side of the window. If you don't see them you need to expand the window. The right click menu shows the various functions for the Vials.

Various percentages of Adventure, AA, Tradeskill and Guild XP can be cycled through by clicking the percentage displays.

EQ2 Start button:

The Start button is a collection of 9 shortcuts. It can be shown from either choosing Minimize/Maximize from right clicking the Experience Window.

S is for Sound Control Sliders

V is for loading saved Video Profiles or adjusting some other display sliders/controls.

T is for showing/hiding targets cast bar. Targets cast bar is red.

Crossed out red circle Icon is to show/hide your pet. Can also use ALT-P

Book Icon is shortcut to reset your zone reuse timers, queue for Dungeon Maker or Battlegrounds. You can also use ALT-Z

World Icon opens the browser. You can also use /browser

Gears Icon shows the ProfitUI Control Center.

Eyeball Icon enables/disables Nightvision by temporarily adjusting the Gamma Settings.

EQ2 Icon brings up lists of various Menu Windows.


You can temporarily toggle it on or off via the checkbox in the ProfitUI ControlCenter, or you can permanently configure whether it should load automatically (default) or not in the file

This can also now be configured in the Options of the game.

"Frame only" will display only one bar for same delay dual wields.

"None" will display two bars for same delay dual wields.

Browser Window:

To open the browser use the command /browser

To configure bookmarks check the file _ProfitUI_Browser_Bookmarks.txt in your ProfitUI folder.


The market window is expandable (default) with buy and sell tabs side-by-side. You can permanently switch between both modes by changing the frame and titlebar options or temporarily switch by hitting the appropriate button in the window's titlebar. Note that resizing the compact version will not save between sessions.

You will notice that there is no "drop to add items" button - to add items to your vendor, simply drag and drop them to the item list.

You can edit the level range that the market window uses for the My Class/Lvl functionality by editing the file _ProfitUI_Market_LevelRanges.txt

You can edit the favorites drop downs by editing _ProfitUI_Market_Favorites1.txt to _ProfitUI_Market_Favorites6.txt. There are no detailed instructions on how to do this yet - it should be mostly self explanatory by looking at what's in the first favorites file. Any questions, just ask on the forum.

Price Preset Buttons - How to modify them?

Like many windows in ProfitUI_CE, you can also modify the preset price buttons. Go to your ProfitUI_CE folder and find the file _ProfitUI_SetPricePresets.txt.

For example, if you want modify button 9 to set a price of 12p,4g,50s,99c, you would have to find ButtonPreset9 in the file and put the following code, replicating what you would otherwise type in manually:
<Button LocalText="12p,4g,50s,99c" Location="0,14" Name="ButtonPreset9" OnPress="

Persona Window:

Pressing C shows/hides window.

The Character Window can show additional stats in the right pane if either Stats 1 or 2 button is clicked.

The Mount tab has a drop down box to quickly hide/show your mount thanks to DarqUI.

Krono is at the bottom of the Currency tab and can only be dragged to a trade or broker window unless otherwise consumed by hitting the use button.


To move the hotbars when in frame and titlebar: "none" mode, click on the bank number indicator to show a move target in the lower right corner (if you have the bank selectors/spinners permanently hidden you will need to enable them first).

"Frame only" setting will now disable the auto-show of the bank selectors (aka spinners). You can now permanently show or hide them via the hotbar options.

In "frame only" mode just click left of the icons to grab and move the bar.
You can access the right-click menu (which you need for opening new hotbars, etc.) by right-clicking the bank selector arrows, or, if you have hidden them, by right-clicking where they would otherwise be, ie left of the button area.

The reuse timer overlay is only visible in frame & titlebar mode. Select another mode if you want to turn it off.

Bottom Bar:

The Bottom Bar settings are accessed via the ProfitUI Control Center. The button Bottom Bar Config opens a window to adjust what you wish to display.


Pressing B can open/close all bags.

Via window settings, frame and titlebar, you can togle the titlebar. "Frame only" setting enables titlebar, "none" disables it.

You can move the bags by grabbing the move target that appears in the upper left corner or by grabbing the titlebar if you have it enabled.

You can access the right-click menu for bag options for things like sorting, skip bag and contents not for sale.

Yes, they are resizable. You can also change icon size and padding by via the "bag options" right-click menu.

The background colors of bags and inventory can be edited in the file _ProfitUI_InventoryColorSettings.txt.

The colors are configured by configuring each of their three components red, green and blue (RGB). Note that each value appears twice, so if you change it you must always change it twice.

Chat window:

The chat entry is enabled by right-clicking the window, going to window settings, and setting frame and titlebar to "none" (this is the default setting if you load one of the default uisettings files provided with the UI or none at all).

Setting it to "frame only" will disable the chat entry to minimize space usage on windows you only want to read without typing therein.
If you have problems linking items to chat right click the chat window and select "always chat here".

Guild Window:

Pressing U opens this window.

If you're not in a guild it will display a list of Guilds with recruiters online you can send a message to ask about joining.

A button next to members names allows for quick group invites.

Alternate Advancement Window:

Press L to open the Alternate Advancement Window

Select Racial Traditions, Character Traits, and Specialized Training as well as spend AA points. Prestige Points are earned only after level 90

Calendar Window:

Special events can be seen here, such as in game Holidays and limited time events like City Festivals and Moonlight Enchantments. Guilds can also make entries for their members to see, like birthdays or raid times.

Knowledge Window:

Pressing K opens this window.

Utility abilities, Spells, Combat Arts, and Tradeskill abilities can be found and sorted here.

The Upgrade Buttons allows for researching of higher tiers of spells for free. The Instant Upgrade Button allows you to spend Daybreak Cash for quicker spell upgrades.

Community Window:

Pressing Y brings up the Community Window. This shows Friend and Ignore lists.

You may send Group/Raid invites and Tells from here.

Notes can be saved for those are Friends/Ignore list.

You can save/load friends lists for easy importing to other characters.


Pressing Alt-n can hide/show this window

The compass window has two modes, in "Frame only" mode it constantly shows your location(/loc) right below the compass, in "None" mode it doesn't (but you still get a tooltip with it).

Deity Window:

Introduced with Terrors of Thalumbra Expansion

Accessed through the EQ2 Start Menu and /toggledeity

Allows you to spend Tithe Points for static bonuses of Potency, Stamina or Crit Bonus.

Allows purchase of either Good, Evil or Neutral aligned spells. A max of three spells or trigger counts can be held at one time.

Infusion Equipment Window:

Introduced with Terrors of Thalumbra Expansion

Accessed through the EQ2 Start Menu and /toggleinfusion

Left square is where infusable gear is placed, right square is where infusers are placed.

Unequip and right click on a piece of gear flagged as INFUSABLE and select infuse

Equipment has infusion layers of Deity, Physical and Bonus

You can use Platinum/Loyalty infusers in the Deity Layer, Looted and Crafted Infusers in the Physical Layer and Thalumbra Equipment Infusers in the Bonus Layer.


Ctrl M can show/hide this map and is fully movable. Pressing M brings up the full Map.

EQ2 Maps Mod:

Is an easy to integrate interface replacement for the in game map. It will show various POI's like Quest and NPC Updates.
This addon can be installed by using the ProfitUI_CE Updater.

Recipe Window:

Pressing N opens the Recipes.

Connection Stats:

Pressing F11 can show/hide this window.

Ping (Blue) - The ping value is the total amount of time in milliseconds that it takes for a packet to be sent to the server, and an acknowledgment received by your client. So in essence this is a round-trip value, not a one-way value. With ping, the lower the better. Your ping value will be different depending on where you are located in relationship to the server you play on. The further away the server, the higher your ping will be. The ping value may also go up during times of lag, either server or client lag, because more time is taken to process an incoming packet.

Packet Loss (Red) - The term packet loss refers to a packet of data that was not received by either the client or server within a specified frame of time. It could be that the packet is not lost, maybe its just late. In any case, if the packet isn't received within a specific amount of time, we count it as lost and resend it. You should not be worried about an occasional lost packet, this could be normal. However, if you see constant lost packets, this could indicate a problem with the connection between you and the server. When there is a break in the network connection, you will see the packet loss number grow steadily as no packets are making it through. When the network connection is restored, the number should drop back down to zero.

Bytes per second (Yellow) - Bytes per second or BPS is the amount of data both sent and received by your computer during the previous second. During times of inactivity this will generally be a very low number, maybe even zero. During combat or running through densely populated zones, this number will spike very high. There are no published numbers on what this value should be. If you are on a broadband connection, you should be able to handle much more data than is ever sent by EQ2. If you are on a modem connection, this number might indicate the reason for lag if you are currently sending/receiving lots of data.

Frames per second (Green) - FPS indicates the number of 'frames' processed by your client per second. A frame is a complete loop through the game cycle. This includes receiving/sending network messages, processing game data and drawing what you see on the screen. The higher the number the better. Your FPS is affected mostly by your graphic quality settings and the speed of your computer hardware. Setting the graphics to lower settings should improve your frame rate. Specifically, the settings that seem to have the biggest affect on frame rate are shadows, and particle effects. EQ2 is a very CPU-intensive game, more so than the graphics card. So if you're looking for ideas to improve your hardware, upgrading your CPU will probably give you the biggest increase in performance over purchasing a very expensive video card.

Effect windows: (beneficial/detrimental)

You can use the sliders in the ProfitUI ControlCenter to change the icon sizes on the fly. Once you found a setting you like, open _ProfitUI_MiscSettings.txt in your favorite text editor and replace the values shown in yellow with the values shown in the ControlCenter:

Spells in this window can be right clicked examined for more info.

Maintained Spells Window:

This window shows a max of 30 spells and the game controls what is displayed there. Spells can be right click and cancelled from this window or hovered over to see targets name, amount remaining and duration of spell.

You can right click to show/hide text and the window is fully movable.

Variants for left/right side can downloaded via the ProfitUI_CE Updater

Custom Video Profiles:

Video settings can easily be saved via Options -> "Save". You will get a list with at least the following four options, choose the appriopriate preset which you want to replace:


The ProfitUI video settings window will immediately apply your newly configured settings settings if you click the respective button. Note that if you save a profile it will include more than just your video settings.

Group Window:

Pressing ALT-G can show/hide window.

The "frame only" mode sets the window to vertical mode.

The "none" mode sets the window to horizontal mode.

The black backdrop can be configured temporarily via a slider in the control center or permanently in the file _ProfitUI_Settings_GroupWindow.txt.

To target a group member, click on their health/power bars. Works also for targeting yourself.

To /assist a group member, click on their name.

To /follow a group member, click on the number left to their name.

To leave group or kick a group member move your mouse above the right end of the respective health/power bars and click on the [x] icon which appears.

To indicate to your group members to follow you click on the number next to your name (if you were following another member this will also cancel that).

To cure yourself using an available cure spell or an available potion, just click on the appropriate icon next to your health/power bars. They do light up if you have a detrimental effect on you. C

Cure spells which are only gained through AA abilities will need to be configured manually by editing _ProfitUI_Cures.txt and changing the values unless class.

To cure a group member click on their respective icons if you have the necessary cure spell. Obviously potions cannot be used for that.

To toggle between cures canceling spellcast or putting them into the spell queue move your mouse above your health/power bars and click the [C] or [Q] buttons that will show up. Note that this will change the cure mode for all cure buttons on all windows. The default cancel spellcast setting is defined in _ProfitUI_Cures.txt

To activate preconfigured macros on yourself or your group members click the [1] to [5] buttons which appear if you move your mouse above the cure icons. They come preconfigured.

Raid Window:

Pressing ALT-R can show/hide window.

Quick Raid Buttons appear on mouse-over on top of the health/power bars.

To activate preconfigured macros on yourself or your group members click the [1] to [5] buttons which appear if you move your mouse above the cure icons. They come preconfigured.

You can control the opacity level of the quick raid buttons on the raid window (not the group window) by configuring the value ButtonOpacityLevel in your _ProfitUI_QuickRaidButtons.txt.

The window applies the default cancel spellcast setting defined in _ProfitUI_Cures.txt

To hide the cure buttons, either go to window settings and set frame to none, or - if you like the titlebars - click the minimize button on the first group's titlebar that appears on mouse-over at the right of the bar. The first variant saves, the second variant must be done every raid unless you just resize your raid window to hide the cures that way.

QuickRaidButtons - How can they be edited?

To do so find the file _ProfitUI_QuickRaidButtons.txt in your ProfitUI_CE folder and open it for editing.

Most Classes have already been configured with the most useful spells, but these can changed to something else or have macro's for tells, group and raid added.

Player Window:

Alt-U can show/hide this window if you allow main windows to be turned off in game options.

Allows you to see your characters health/power, your targets and your targets target health/power.

Shortcuts to toggle on/off AFK, LFG, LFW and self cures.

Setting frame and title to none will hide inactive parts of the window, i.e. the parts for target and implied target only show up if needed just as the read target/implied target windows.

Frame Only mode is the old always visible mode.

Mercenary Window:

The command /togglemerc can hide/show this window.

You can either use the buttons or drop down functions to control the way the merc behaves.

The Shrink Merc button is in the top left corner of the window. This ability is a Members Only Spell and is purchased from any Class Trainer.

Quest Journal and Quest Helper Windows:

Links for searching Quests on Wikia, ZAM, EQ2U and Google open the browser.

You can define your own search engines in the file _ProfitUI_StandardSearches.txt in your ProfitUI_CE folder.

The Journal also includes a Mission Timers tab.

Pet Window:

Alt-P shows or hides your pet window.

You can switch /pet ranged and /pet melee stances via two buttons that appear to the top left of the window on mouse-over. As soon as you select one stance the button will remain visible while your pet remains alive.

Can change name of pet by either clicking it's name in the window or opening the pet options button on the titlebar's right side if you hover over it.

Loot Window:

The loot window can be set to automatically decline loot (useful when you are multi-boxing several toons). This can either be configured each time you log in via the checkbox on the ProfitUI Control Center, or you can configure it permanently via the file _ProfitUI_Settings_LootOptions.txt in your ProfitUI_CE folder.

Tradeskill / Crafting Window:

The tradeskill window has two modes, by default both recipes and the crafting area are shown side by side, optionally you can use the single pane layout. The side by side view is particularly useful when doing writs as you can already preselect the next item to be crafted while still crafting another one, thus saving time.

Note that if you want to use the reaction art icons on the tradeskill window you have to click them with the mouse if in double pane mode, otherwise your input will go to the hotbars. In single pane mode they are preselected for keyboard entry.

To switch the modes permanently, go to window settings and select Frame Only for single pane or Frame & Titlebar for double-pane side by side crafting.

You can also switch modes temporarily by click the little arrow in the titlebar (it shows when you move your mouse over it).

Timer window: Not to be confused with the Spell Timer

The included timer window opens when you click the round day/night display.

To change the default timer settings edit _ProfitUI_Timerdefaults.txt

Voice Users Window:

Pressing V can show/hide this window.

The drop down box can control which channel you're in.

Right clicking the window brings up additional options like inviting/banning users.

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