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Originally Posted by Richaer View Post
Hi! installed your compass for EQ2 & really do appreciate it. For some reason, it is invisible until I type in the command
/show_window MainHUD.Compass
then it appears. But I have to do that every time I log in. The clock is visible from login, and once the compass is visible, mousing over the new clock will snap it in place next to the compass.

Where do I change what so this happens automatically, in particular the show compass? I am not afraid to edit XML although I do not know how to program it.

Hmm. I'm not sure of any specific reason why this would happen; I haven't had any problems like that.

You can try right-clicking on the compass and selecting "Window Settings." Click the "Default Location" button...you'll have to reposition the compass, but it may help with your problem.

You can also try opening your UI settings file (named [Server]_[Character]_eq2_uisettings.xml in the EverQuest II game directory) in a text editor and making sure the following lines appear in some fashion, under the MainHUD module:
<Window Name="Clock" alignment="3" alignment_offset="-293,-196" backdrop_mo_o="0" backdrop_n_o="0" click_through="true" frame_mo_o="0" frame_n_o="0" size="65,63" visible="true" window_style="0" />
<Window Name="Compass" alignment="1" alignment_offset="0,20" locked="true" size="290,55" visible="true" window_style="1" />
(The key bit is visible="true")

Let me know if either of these help!
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