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Default Am I missing POI updates, or are there just none for the SOLO instances of Luclin?

I am using the EQ2Map auto updater with DarqUI - but I always launch and update the game with the EQ2Map launcher. I have noticed that ever since Luclin launched, I do not have ANY poi's inside any of the new solo instances for that expansion. There are maps there that simply show the layout of the land but no POI's at all. I have waited since November hoping to see some, but still there are no POI's for the instances. I do seem to have POI's for all outdoor zones for Luclin as well as the city of Seru, but none for any instances.

I just wondered, am I somehow missing updates for these zones, or is it that people simply are not submitting any POI's for these zones at all? I have thought about submitting some POI's for these zones myself, but I have never had to submit any in the past and just figured someone else would do it eventually, but it's been almost 3 months now and I still don't see any.

Mainly I just wanted to know if they even exist for the solo instances. If they just haven't been submitted, then I will consider submitting them. If they do exist, then perhaps I have an issue I need to look into, but they don't appear on my main PC or any of my laptops so I am thinking it's more like they just don't exist yet.

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