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These are all of the Ro's blade spells from 1 going up to 8. Sorry it's a little jumbled in there. I think this is what you're looking for..

(1468881855)[Mon Jul 18 18:44:15 2016] You say to the group, "\aABILITY 1152953154 Ro's Blade:Ro's Blade\/a\aABILITY 2335795735 Ro's Blade II:Ro's Blade II\/a\aABILITY 169417704 Ro's Blade III:Ro's Blade III\/a\aABILITY 3493415812 Ro's Blade IV:Ro's Blade IV\/a\aABILITY 1277302037 Ro's Blade V:Ro's Blade V\/a"
(1468881887)[Mon Jul 18 18:44:47 2016] You say to the group, "\aABILITY 2749142665 Ro's Blade VI:Ro's Blade VI\/a"
(1468881892)[Mon Jul 18 18:44:52 2016] YOUR Magi's Shielding regenerates 808326 points of absorption.
(1468881898)[Mon Jul 18 18:44:58 2016] You say to the group, "\aABILITY 3511159288 Ro's Blade VII:Ro's Blade VII\/a"
(1468881905)[Mon Jul 18 18:45:05 2016] You say to the group, "\aABILITY 1257063831 Ro's Blade VIII:Ro's Blade VIII\/a"
(1468881905)[Mon Jul 18 18:45:05 2016] YOUR Ward of Sages regenerates 639114 points of absorption.
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