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Originally Posted by Zonx View Post
3) Tables don't have a SelectedItemIndex property that can be used to reference the data of a selected item. However, we do have a SelectedRow number that tells us the number of the selected item.

There are several methods we can use to sync the menu's selcted item with the table's selected item. The simplest method is a button the user clicks that sets the menu's selectedItemIndex = the tables SelectedRow. Once that's done, we can easily reference the data with menu.SelectedItemIndex.Value. We can paste that info wherever and add other text before or after it with concat.
Have you tried this or gotten this to work somehow? I did work on this idea but there were some problems. The table of names can be sorted three different ways. It starts out sorted by distance. If you click where it says "Name" it sorts alphabetically, and if you click again it sorts in reverse alphabetical order.

The Table.SelectedRow only matches the Dropdownbox.SelectedItemIndex when you sort by distance. The dropdownbox is always sorted by distance so the numbers don't match when you sort the table the other two ways so I wasn't able to use those numbers at all.

What other methods can you use to get the name out of the table?
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