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Default Would you mind..

i cant find well i can find it a bit but i would like to know a bit more indepth on how that command pulls the name from the list.

i think this is what does it. if not could u point it out to me, Also ezer way to do this i think would be to remove the /who button or dont even use it at the moment since u have to use the backspace and home stuff u might aswell use the drop down once u picked a name drop a space in the front of the name and then hit enter. Faster that way.

Unless this is why i wanna know how it added the name so i can maybe play with some little scripts and add afew things and stuff to see if somthing works

<DataSourceContainer Name="TableDSContainer">
<DataSource label=":30ce89b701ee2ec7:Name" Name="NameDS" type="text">
<Data Name="New Data" value="\#FF0000[DEVL]Test1"/>
<Data Name="New Data" value="\#00FFFF[DEVL]Test2"/>
<TableModelDefault DataSourceContainer="TableDSContainer" Name="TableModel" />
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