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Default Adding /who to the tracking window -- a kludge

I think the second most requested thing on the forums is adding a /who button to the tracking window. The first was, "Why is my XP going down sometimes?" Since we finally got a fix for that problem I thought I would tackle the /who problem.

I'd read that the names available have color text attached to them but I had never seen a working example of this. After a couple searches I found that the big breakthrough was made by Deiussum in this thread. The key was you need to create a custom row template file and ask the Datasource for $value$ instead of $text$. Does anyone know any more about how these templates work?

Since I didn't see any working examples I had to put one together myself or at least break something trying!

After following what Deiussum posted I tried copying the name into a text box and ended up with this kludge window. It does work but it takes a few steps to use so it may be faster sometimes just to type /who charactername anyway.

1. Click the dropdown menu and choose a name.
2. Click in the text box that appears.
3. Press Home then Backspace on your keyboard. (This deletes the color information from the text field.)
4. Press Enter on your keyboard or click the "who" button.

The filters at the top of the window work ok, which helps a little, but clicking the sort button (actually the TableHeader where it says "Name") doesn't sort the dropdown menu. The Table.SelectedRow only matches the Dropdownbox.SelectedItemIndex when you use the default sorting order (sort by distance.) The menu can be really long if you choose to show everything so for PvP purposes you probably want to show PC Only.

The two major problems are still there. You have to use a dropdown menu instead of just clicking in the table of names and you have to manually delete the color from the text field. But, if anyone wants to try the window out or test any ideas it's a good starting place.

(Oops, those original xml files used a custom font from a different UI mod so the text may not have shown up. These files should work now!)
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