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Originally Posted by LizardKin View Post
I have discovered an issue when attempting to use click-to-cure since I installed the Chains of Eternity update to Fetish Core. When I attempt to click-to-cure, the game tells me I do not have the item in inventory, as if it is trying to use a potion instead of my cure spell. This is rather problematic for my healers and paladin, for whom I would prefer to use their inherent cure first, and not potions. Is there some setting that was changed in this most recent Fetish update that I am missing? If this has been addressed already in this forum, I apologize, and thank you for continuing to maintain this User Interface.
Fetish Core 12.2 made the T10 potions used by default on the personal click to cure due to a bug in the way the /cureplayer ability worked (it wouldn't use T10 potions at all).

Going by the patch notes, it looks like they may have fixed this bug so this version may no longer be needed. I'll remove it for 12.3.1; in the meantime if you look in the "optional variants" folder in your Fetish install you'll find a player window that uses the old /cureplayer functionality that will work with spell cures first.

Originally Posted by awayuki View Post
achievement skill doesnt show anything
Do a proper clean install, you have an old achievement window file.
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