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The achievement window behavior is controlled by the game; I've had it bug out in the past where it'll get stuck, but I do not know of any way to reproduce it consistently or prevent it. You can try renaming your eq2ui_journals.xml file and see if that changes it, as that is the file with that window contained in it.

The player window should be there like any other. You either have it not shown for whatever reason or it's stuck off screen. In the first case you can check easily enough by using the hotkey for the player window (alt P I want to say, but not sure off the top of my head); you may need to turn on hiding mainhud windows in the options window.

In the second case, you can check by renaming your characters uisettings file in your EQ2 directory and see if the window shows up then. If it shows up then, then the window was most likely hidden off screen. Rename your uisettings file back (deleting the one the game created in the meantime), then go to fetish central > locator in game, select the player window and move it to 0,0 or 100,100.
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