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Default Testing status for Frostfell zones

Propesed order of zones as shown by indentations, according to subzone, availability/difficulty of map pack and within mappack according to apperance on portal.
Red indicates an issue with a zone that needs your attention.
Blue means I need to still do some testing on the zone.
Have tested map in game, checked layout and name and added at least 1 POI through add poi and in-game browser.
Lime means all PoIs have been added and tested.
Full colored means the zone has been ordered correctly on the eq2maps page.

Make a new Live Events category then sort these:

Frostfell Wonderland Village - DONE
___Frostfell Workshop (Outside) - DONE
______Frostfell Workshop (Workshop) - DONE
______Frostfell Workshop (Basement) - DONE
_________Maldura Steamworks Sublevel - DONE
_________Sleeper's Tomb: A Frostfell Visit - DONE
___Cheriweth's Confectory (Kitchen) - DONE
______Cheriweth's Confectory (Storage) - DONE
______Cheriweth's Confectory (Cellar) - DONE
______Cheriweth's Confectory (Docks) - DONE
___Mr. McScroogle's Boudoir - DONE
______McScroogle's Past - DONE
______Bobby Kritchat's House - DONE
______The Future - DONE
___Permafrost Crypt: Decorating Retribution - DONE
___The Icy Keep (Entrance) - DONE
______The Icy Keep (Towers) - DONE
______The Icy Keep (Vrewwx) - DONE, maybe rename to Cavern
___The Icy Keep: The Return (Heroic) - DONE
Gigglegibber Gifty Storehouse - DONE
The Gigglegibber Hideout (Frostfell) - DONE
Elfin Wonderland - DONE
Gnip Gnopp's Gizmo Shop - DONE
McScroogle Corp. HQ - DONE.

The maps attached below are of Cheriweth's Confectory as they can't be added to post #1 due to file amount limitations.
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