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Default one more for ossuary...

Luckily I hadn't completed the signature quest for all my toons yet...

There's one more map for Ossuary. It's the "Ossuary of Malevolence: Primordial Altar" zone. From what I can tell, it's only used during the Signature Quest. It's also extremely simple, just a big room really. Not sure this map is necessary, more likely "would be nice".

It only uses the Northern arm of the big + map ("map1") Can't give a picture because I get the "Sorry" message and end up at the "All of norrath" map.

Nevermind the next part.. I notice the maps are already there. Thanks!
There is also another map later, not connected to any other. That one is really complex, but never used beyond the Signature Quest. It has a lot of teleporters and elevators. It could really use some hints though. For example, if you don't kill some of the mobs, the teleporters won't work. When I get there, I'll try to get a screenshot or several.

Name is "Ssrez'Ras: Ruins of Stasis"
Quest: http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Shattered_Seas:_Woken_Scales

Also it seems it would be good if I got you the full names of the maps in Ossuary. I'm just not sure how to do that. Other than the drop-down, I'm not sure how to find the names. If someone would help me out with that, I'd appreciate it. How do I find the full "Imagename"?

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