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Originally Posted by jnils View Post
I don't quite get it, is the 2 maps not connected ?
For some zones, they are not connected and map 2 is not used for that instance.

For example, Solo/Adv Solo, only the eastern arm of the map is reachable. Where I zoned in, in all the Resonance of Malice zones (including Heroic), behind me is the exit, and it looks like a curtain. I can see beyond the curtain (empty zone beyond), but I can only click it to leave. Clicking the curtain leads to the outside. So it's more like a teleport to the center of the zone and then you're limited to a smaller part of the bigger map.

However, there's no harm in having both maps available in all instances, as long as they are separate maps for each of the group/raid zones. Otherwise the POI's might get confusing, and everyone will have to put "this poi is in the instance..." for each one.
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