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Default Ssraeshza Temple Maps Clarification

Ssraeshza Temple [Solo] uses the "exp11_dun_ssraeshza_95_solo_0" map.
Ssraeshza Temple [Asdvanced Solo] uses the "exp11_dun_ssraeshza_solo_0" map.
Ssraeshza Temple [Heroic] uses the "exp11_dun_ssraeshza_02_0" map.

Ssraeshza Temple: Taskmaster's Echo [Event Heroic] uses the "exp_11_dun_ssraeshza_03_1" map. The entire zone is the squared part of the map.

I can't explain the differences as to why there is a _0 and _1 to each of these zones, when all the names in these zones are all located on the map, and there's no additional zoning once you get into the zone. Running with the basic maps, there's no additional map swap running through these zones either.

I cannot clarify the maps for Ssrasheza Temple: Inner Sanctum [Heroic] or Ssraeshza Temple: Echoes of Time [Raid]. If I can clarify it before someone else does, I'll be sure to reply with the information. Hope this helps!
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