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Default EQ2Map Tweak Plugin

Download Page
Direct Download

Allows you to tweak several aspects of the eq2map window..
There are 4 options types and only 1 of each type can be installed..

Close Options:
Minimize and Restore with map toggle key default is 'm'
Allow close on escape

Map Icon Options:
Invisible till mouse over
66% transparent till mouse over
Always 50% visible

World/City Connection Overlay Options:
Both off at login
City off at login
World off at login

Map Images Darkness Filter:
15% darker map image
30% darler map image

-To Install:
Before loading EQ2..
Copy contents of zip (1 folders) to an existing ui folder where eq2map is installed.
note: this plugin uses slot 5

-To Uninstall:
Delete plugin5.xml from the eq2map folder.
Delete the options folder from the eq2map folder.
Then copy plugin5.xml from the zip or run the autoupdater.

-To Choose options: Two Ways:
Before loading EQ2..
1. Manual
After installing you will have a folder named options in your eq2map folder..
Open it.. (Helps to view in list mode)
Inside that folder is 14 folders and 4 files.. You can open any of the folders
under options and copy the contents to options to use an option..

2. Assisted
There will also be an .exe file in your eq2map folder named EQ2MapTweak.exe..
It's a small dialog application that will do the copying for you..

-Thanks to:
Quib for adding the support needed to make plugins work and some of the
options included..

Edit: Available from links at top of post..

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