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Originally Posted by Darqwood View Post
If you are seeing the default gold XP window then you need to re-download Experience using the utility. Otherwise the XP bar may be hiding down along the bottom edge of the game window where the default bar was previously. Press F10 and stretch/move it up to make it visible.

If this is literally a brand new installation then the XP window will be in the upper left-hand corner of the game window and all you will see is a blue titlebar. Right-click the bar and minimize/maximize a couple of times to make the window appear correctly.


Its weird. I had this laptop working just fine. I replaced the Harddrive with an SSD and redownloaded game and then profit CE. It takes me to regular log in page, not the editor, and then I /load_uisettings and choose profit and it still had DEfault look. Log out and back in still the same. Its like it says I'm using profit, but really I'm not and I'm at a lose lol.. to the point where I'm thinking of just copying everything from my other laptop that it works on to a harddrive and moving it over lol.. any thoughts?
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